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2006Public speaking stress-induced neuroendocrine responses and circulating immune cell redistribution in irritable bowel syndromeElsenbruch, S.; Lucas, A.; Holtmann, G.; Haag, S.; Gerken, G.; Riemenschneider, N.; Langhorst, J.; Kavelaars, A.; Heijnen, C.; Schedlowski, M.
2014Public support for the solarium ban in AustraliaPrichard, I.; Wilson, C.; Hutchinson, A.D.; Rayner, J.; Dobbinson, S.; Makin, J.
2012Public theology in law and lifeBabie, P.; Edgar, B.; Wilson, D.
2013Public understanding of climate change and adaptation in South Australia: Final reportHanson-Easey, S.; Bi, P.; Hansen, A.; Williams, S.; Nitschke, M.; Saniotis, A.; Zhang, Y.; Hodgetts, K.; National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
2005Public water fluoridation and dental health in New South WalesArmfield, J.
2018Public, private or both? Analysing factors influencing the labour supply of medical specialistsCheng, T.; Kalb, G.; Scott, A.
2013Public, private or both? Analysing factors influencing the labour supply of medical specialistsCheng, T.; Kalb, G.; Scott, A.
2001Public-private collaboration in agricultural research: New institutional arrangements and economic applicationsWittwer, Glyn Martin; Zhao, Xueyan
2001Public-private research relationships: the consultative group on international agricultural researchBinenbaum, E.; Pardey, P.; Wright, B.
2008Publication productivity in geriatrics: 1995-2006Morley, J.; Ferrucci, L.
2014Publication skills development in the sciences: decision support for effective program designCargill, M.; O'Connor, P.; Matthews, R.
2014Publication trends in model organism researchDietrich, M.; Ankeny, R.; Chen, P.
1997Publications of J.J. BrayPrest, W.
2003Publications on pathology by Australian laboratoriesKhong, T.
2018Publicising lattice field theory through visualisationBiddle, J.; Charvetto, J.; Kamleh, W.; Leinweber, D.; Piercy, H.; Puckridge, E.; Stokes, F.; Young, R.D.; Zanotti, J.; 36th Annual International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory (LATTICE) (22 Jul 2018 - 28 Jul 2018 : Michigan State University, East Lansing, United States)
2000Publicity in the political arena: Metaphors of spectacle, combat and displaySpencer, Vicki Ann
2020Publics and personasvan der Vlies, A.; Zimbler, J.
2013Publish or perish: Ensuring longevity in nurse education-Evaluation of a strategy to engage academics, students, and clinicians in publication activityWilson, A.; Sharrad, S.; Rasmussen, P.; Kernick, J.
2002Publishing protocols of systematic reviews: comparing what was done to what was plannedSilagy, C.; Middleton, P.; Hopewell, S.
2004Publishing the results of the estrogen-only arm of WHIMacLennan, A.; Sturdee, D.