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2011Organisational adoption of e-business: The case of an innovation management tool at a university and technology transfer officeTroshani, I.; Rampersad, G.; Plewa, C.
2014Organisational capabilities for customer participation in health care service innovationSharma, S.; Conduit, J.; Rao Hill, S.
2007Organisational capacity and chronic disease care - An Australian general practice perspectiveProudfoot, J.; Infante, F.; Holton, C.; Davies, G.; Bubner, T.; Beilby, J.; Harris, M.
2009Organisational challenges when enabling ease of access for the elderly around a large acute hospital campusDavy, C.; Lovino, C.; Kavanagh, S.; Wiechula, R.
2013Organisational culture and learning: a case studyBell, E.
2010Organisational culture and the use of work-life balance initiatives: Influence on work attitudes and work-life conflictWebber, M.; Sarris, A.; Bessell, M.
2006Organisational culture differences and market orientation: an exploratory study of barriers to university-industry relationshipsPlewa, C.; Quester, P.; Baaken, T.
2014Organisational culture: concept, context, and measurementKummerow, E.; Kirby, N.
2008Organisational drivers of service firms' export performanceLu, V.; Quester, P.; Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (2008 : Sydney, N.S.W)
2013Organisational psychology: research and professional practiceSarris, A.; Kirby, N.
1995The organised approach to cervical screening - Coordinating local general practitioner systems and newly established central registersBeilby, J.; Wakefield, M.; Maddox, A.
2008Organising for quality improvement and patient safetyBoaden, R.; Harvey, G.; Sorensen, R.; Iedema, R.
2014Organising for socio-ecological resilience: the roles of the mountain farmer cooperative Genossenschaft Gran Alpin in Graub√ľnden, SwitzerlandBardsley, D.; Bardsley, A.
2008Organising industrial knowledge dissemination on frontier technologyBrintrup, A.; Ranasinghe, D.
2019Organising the front line: is there a rationale for the first-line pharmacotherapy of major depressive disorder?Baune, B.T.; Boyce, P.; Morris, G.; Hamilton, A.; Bassett, D.; Hopwood, M.; Mulder, R.; Parker, G.; Porter, R.; Singh, A.B.; Outhred, T.; Das, P.; Malhi, G.S.
2016Organismal homeostasis buffers the effects of abiotic change on community dynamicsGhedini, G.; Connell, S.
2021Organisms in experimental researchAnkeny, R.A.; Leonelli, S.; Dietrich, M.; Borello, M.; Harman, O.
2001Organization and chromosomal localization of the murine Testisin gene encoding a serine protease temporally expressed during spermatogenesisScarman, A.; Hooper, J.; Boucat, K.; Sit, M.; Webb, G.; Normyle, J.; Antalis, T.
1993Organization of antral, pyloric and duodenal motility in patients with gastroparesisFraser, R.; Horowitz, M.; Maddox, A.; Dent, J.
2006Organization of frequency spectra of atrial fibrillation: relevance to radiofrequency catheter ablationTakahashi, Y.; Sanders, P.; Jais, P.; Hocini, M.; Dubois, R.; Rotter, M.; Rostock, T.; Nalliah, C.; Sacher, F.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.