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2001Human performance on visually presented Traveling Salesman problemsVickers, D.; Butavicius, M.; Lee, M.; Medvedev, A.
2006Human performance on visually presented traveling salesperson problems with varying numbers of nodesDry, M.; Lee, M.; Vickers, D.; Hughes, P.
2004Human periapical granulation tissue contains osteogenic cellsMaeda, H.; Wada, N.; Nakamuta, H.; Akamine, A.
1997The human PIN1 peptidyl-prolyl cis/trans isomerase gene maps to human chromosome 19p13 and the closely related PIN1L gene to 1p31Campbell, Hugh D.; Webb, Graham C.; Fountain, Shelley; Young, Ian G.
2019Human placental androgen receptor variants: potential regulators of male fetal growthMeakin, A.; Saif, Z.; Tuck, A.; Clifton, V.
2007Human plasmacytoid dendritic cells regulate immune responses to Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection and delay EBV-related mortality in humanized NOD-SCID miceLim, W.; Kireta, S.; Russ, G.; Coates, P.
2017Human pleural fluid is a potent growth medium for Streptococcus pneumoniaePopowicz, N.D.; Lansley, S.M.; Cheah, H.M.; Kay, I.D.; Carson, C.F.; Waterer, G.W.; Paton, J.C.; Brown, J.S.; Lee, Y.G.
2014Human population reduction is not a quick fix for environmental problemsBradshaw, C.; Brook, B.; Ehrlich, P.
2007Human pose extraction from monocular videos using constrained non-rigid factorizationShaji, A.; Siddiquie, B.; Chandran, S.; Suter, D.; British Machine Vision Conference (18th : 2007 : Warwick, UK)
2002Human resource management challenges in the family businessThomas, J.; Forsaith, D.; Bluhm, N.; Conference of the Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand Inc (15th : 22 September 2002 : Adelaide, Australia)
2014Human resource management in AustraliaClarke, M.; Patrickson, M.; Varma, A.; Budhwar, P.
2018Human responses to climate changeKellett, J.
1995Human RightsCharlesworth, H.
2004Human rights and narrated lives: the ethics of recognitionSchaffer, K.; Smith, S.
1995Human Rights as Men's RightsCharlesworth, H.
1998Human Rights in Africa: A Post-Colonial PerspectiveAhluwalia, Davinder Pal Singh
2016Human rights obligations as a collateral limit on the powers of the Security CouncilStubbs, M.T.; Stephens, D.; Babie, P.
2016Human rights versus human needs: debating the language for universal access to modern energy servicesSolis, M.; Manzano, J.; Chalifour, N.; Kotze, L.
2006Human rights, storytelling, and the position of the beneficiary: Antjie Krog's 'Country of My Skull'Schaffer, K.; Smith, S.
2014Human seminal fluid as a source of prostate cancer-specific microRNA biomarkersSelth, L.A.; Roberts, M.J.; Chow, C.W.K.; Marshall, V.R.; Doi, S.A.R.; Vincent, A.D.; Butler, L.M.; Lavin, M.F.; Tilley, W.D.; Gardiner, R.A.