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2015Human language reveals a universal positivity biasDodds, P.; Clark, E.; Desu, S.; Frank, M.; Reagan, A.; Williams, J.; Mitchell, L.; Harris, K.; Kloumann, I.; Bagrow, J.; Megerdoomian, K.; McMahon, M.; Tivnan, B.; Danforth, C.
2008Human leucocyte antigen DQ alpha heterodimers and human leucocyte antigen DR alleles in tubulointerstitial nephritis and uveitis syndromeLi, J.; Yong, T.; Bennett, G.; Barbara, J.; Coates, P.
2003Human Leucocyte Differentiation Antigen nomenclature: update on CD nomenclature - Report of IUIS/WHO subcommitteeZola, H.; Swart, B.; Boumsell, L.; Mason, D.
2003Human leucocyte differentiation antigensZola, H.; Swart, B.
2001Human leucocyte differentiation antigens and the human genome projectZola, H.
2012Human leukocyte antigen mismatches associated with increased risk of rejection, graft failure, and death independent of initial immunosuppression in renal transplant recipientsLim, W.; Chadban, S.; Clayton, P.; Budgeon, C.; Murray, K.; Campbell, S.; Cohney, S.; Russ, G.; McDonald, S.
2016Human leukocyte antigen supertype matching after myeloablative hematopoietic cell transplantation with 7/8 matched unrelated donor allografts: a report from the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant ResearchLazaryan, A.; Wang, T.; Spellman, S.; Wang, H.; Pidala, J.; Nishihori, T.; Askar, M.; Olsson, R.; Oudshoorn, M.; Abdel-Azim, H.; Yong, A.; Gandhi, M.; Dandoy, C.; Savani, B.; Hale, G.; Page, K.; Bitan, M.; Reshef, R.; Drobyski, W.; Marsh, S.; et al.
2001Human leukocyte differentiation antigens as therapeutic targets: the CD molecules and CD antibodiesZola, H.
2009Human liver stem cells originate from the canals of heringDe Alwis, N.; Hudson, G.; Burt, A.; Day, C.; Chinnery, P.
1998Human lung mast cells are enriched in the capacity to produce granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor in response to lgE-dependent stimulationOkayama, Yoshimichi; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Ashman, Leonie Kay; Dobashi, Kunio; Nakazawa, Tsugio; Holgate, Stephan T.; Church, Martin K.; Mori, Masatomo
2011Human lysozyme has fungicidal activity against nasal fungiWoods, Charmaine M.; Hooper, David N.; Ooi, Eng Hooi; Tan, Lor-Wai; Carney, A. Simon
2001HUman MicroNucleus Project: International database comparison for results with the cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay in human lymphocytes: I. Effect of laboratory protocol, scoring criteria, and host factors on the frequency of micronucleiBonassi, S.; Fenech, M.; Lando, C.; Lin, Y.; Ceppi, M.; Chang, W.; Holland, N.; Kirsch-Volders, M.; Zeiger, E.; Ban, S.; Barale, R.; Bigatti, M.; Bolognesi, C.; Jia, C.; Di Giorgio, M.; Ferguson, L.; Fucic, A.; Lima, O.; Hrelia, P.; Krishnaja, A.; et al.
2010Human milk fatty acids from lactating mothers of preterm infants: A study revealing wide intra- and inter-individual variationSmithers, L.; Makrides, M.; Gibson, R.
2016Human milk intake in preterm infants and neurodevelopment at 18 months corrected ageJacobi-Polishook, T.; Collins, C.; Sullivan, T.; Simmer, K.; Gillman, M.; Gibson, R.; Makrides, M.; Belfort, M.
2020Human milk sampling protocols affect estimation of infant lipid intakeGeorge, A.D.; Gay, M.C.L.; Murray, K.; Muhlhausler, B.S.; Wlodek, M.E.; Geddes, D.T.
1995Human monocyte/neutrophil elastase inhibitor gene map position 6p25Oooms, L.; Nicholl, J.; Bird, P.; Sutherland, G.
2006Human motion de-noising via greedy kernel principal component analysis filteringTangkuampien, T.; Suter, D.; Tang, Y.Y.; Wang, S.P.; Lorette, G.; Yeung, D.S.; Yan, H.; International Conference on Pattern Recognition (18th : 2006 : Hong Kong)
2008Human motion recognition using gaussian processes classificationZhou, H.; Wang, L.; Suter, D.; International Conference on Pattern Recognition (19th : 2008 : Florida)
1997Human mucopolysaccharidosis IIID: clinical, biochemical, morphological and immunohistochemical characteristicsJones, M.; Alroy, J.; Rutledge, J.; Taylor, J.; Alvord Jnr., E.; Toone, J.; Applegarth, D.; Hopwood, J.; Skutelsky, E.; Ianelli, C.; Thorley Lawson, D.; Mitchell Herpolsheimer, C.; Arias, A.; Sharp, P.; Evans, W.; Sillence, D.; Cavanagh, K.
2008Human mulipotential mesenchymal/stromal stem cells are derived from a discrete subpopulation of STRO-1bright/CD34-/CD45-/glycophorin-A-bone marrow cellsZannettino, A.; Paton, S.; Kortesidis, A.; Khor, F.; Itescu, S.; Gronthos, S.