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2013Building of the deep Gangdese arc, South tibet: Paleocene plutonism and granulite-facies metamorphismZhang, Z.; Dong, X.; Xiang, H.; Liou, J.; Santosh, M.
2000Building Partnerships - Proceedings of the 2000 Joint Conference on Water Resources Engineering and Water Resources Planning & ManagementDandy, Graeme Clyde; Hewitson, Christopher Michael
2003Building practice capacity for chronic disease management in general practice: discussion paper for the General Practice Advisory Council (GPPAC)Beilby, Justin John; Holton, Christine Helen; Bubner, Tanya Kaye; Harris, Mark; Davies, Gawaine Powell; Proudfoot, Judith
2010Building producer loyalty in the Malaysian fresh milk supply chainBoniface, B.; Gyau, A.; Stringer, R.; Umberger, W.
2012Building public policy to support young people in reducing alcohol-related harm when partying at Schoolies FestivalsHutton, A.; Cusack, L.; Zannettino, L.
2007Building research capacity in Australian departments of general practice and rural health: a document review of annual reportsMcIntyre, E.; Saltman, D.; Sims, J.; Traynor, V.; Richards, J.; Dollard, J.
2003Building research capacity: An exploratory model of GPs' training needs and barriers to research involvementJones, A.; Burgess, T.; Farmer, E.; Fuller, J.; Stocks, N.; Taylor, J.; Waters, R.
2011Building resilience in burns nurses: A descriptive phenomenological inquiryKornhaber, R.; Wilson, A.
2008Building resilience into marginal agroecosystems? a global priority for socio-ecological sustainabilityBardsley, D.; Berlin Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change (2008 : Berlin, Germany)
2011Building secure communities: delivering administrative justice in public housingMcEvoy, K.
2019Building secure SRAM PUF key generators on resource constrained devicesGao, Y.; Su, Y.; Yang, W.; Chen, S.; Nepal, S.; Ranasinghe, D.; IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom)Workshops (PerCom Workshops) (11 Mar 2019 - 15 Mar 2019 : Kyoto, Japan)
2006Building simulation and sustainable architecture: A philosophical viewWilliamson, T.; Soebarto, V.; Marshallsay, P.; International Building Performance Simulation Association. Conference (2006 : Adelaide, South Australia.)
2012Building social welfare in China: Providing retirement incomes in a transforming economyWatson, A.; McKay, H.; Song, L.
2013Building student capacity for reflective learningEnomoto, K.; Warner, R.; Nygaard, C.; Branch, J.; Holtham, C.
2008Building surveying: a sustainable profession or a passing fad?Zillante, G.; Australian Institute of Building Surveyors State Conference (2008 : Nuriootpa, South Australia)
2016Building sustainable futures in the legal classroomLim, M.
2014Building sustainable parking lots with the Web of ThingsMathew, S.; Atif, Y.; Sheng, Q.; Maamar, Z.
2011Building team for quality learning in clinical placementO'Keefe, M.; McAllister, S.; Burgess, T.; Stupans, I.; LeCouteur, A.; Australian Learning and Teaching Council
2009Building the full fermion-photon vertex of QED by imposing multiplicative renormalizability of the Schwinger-Dyson equations for the fermion and photon propagatorsKizilersu, A.; Pennington, M.
2011Building the international lattice data gridBeckett, M.; Coddington, P.; Joo, B.; Maynard, C.; Pleiter, D.; Tatebe, O.; Yoshie, T.