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2021A pH-neutral electrolyzed oxidizing water significantly reduces microbial contamination of fresh spinach leavesOgunniyi, A.; Tenzin, S.; Ferro, S.; Venter, H.; Pi, H.; Amorico, T.; Deo, P.; Trott, D.
2021Dynamic properties of a flexible metal-organic framework exhibiting a unique “picture frame”-like crystal morphologySumida, K.; Horike, N.; Furukawa, S.
2021Objective and subjective measures of the neighbourhood environment: associations with frailty levelsMartins, B.; Taylor, D.S.; Barrie, H.; Lange, J.; Kho, K.S.F.; Visvanathan, R.
2021High water availability in drought tolerant crops is driven by root engineering of the soil micro-habitatRabbi, S.; Tighe, M.; Warren, C.; Zhou, Y.; Denton, M.D.; Barbour, M.; Young, I.
2021Biochar cathode: reinforcing electro-Fenton pathway against four-electron reduction by controlled carbonization and surface chemistrySun, C.; Chen, T.; Huang, Q.; Duan, X.; Zhan, M.; Ji, L.; Li, X.; wang, S.; Yan, J.
2021Numerical and experimental investigation of turbulent n-heptane jet-in-hot-coflow flamesLi, Z.; Evans, M.J.; Ye, J.; Medwell, P.R.; Parente, A.
2021Physical mapping of chromosome 7J and a purple coleoptile gene from Thinopyrum intermedium in the common wheat backgroundLi, J.; Yu, Z.; Zhang, A.; Yin, Y.; Tang, L.; Li, G.; Zhang, P.; Khan, I.A.; Dundas, I.; Yang, Z.
2021Coupling hydrothermal and photothermal single-atom catalysis toward excellent water splitting to hydrogenLi, X.; Zhao, S.; Duan, X.; Zhang, H.; Yang, S.Z.; Zhang, P.; Jiang, S.P.; Liu, S.; Sun, H.; Wang, S.
2021Organisms in experimental researchAnkeny, R.A.; Leonelli, S.
2020Proof of the magnetic gap-labelling conjecture for principal solenoidal toriBenameur, M.T.; Mathai, V.
2020Histone deacetylases 1 and 2 inhibition suppresses cytokine production and osteoclast bone resorption in vitroAlgate, K.; Haynes, D.; Fitzsimmons, T.; Romeo, O.; Wagner, F.; Holson, E.; Reid, R.; Fairlie, D.; Bartold, P.; Cantley, M.
2020‘That’s my job’: accounting for division of labour amongst heterosexual first time parentsRiggs, D.; Bartholomaeus, C.
2020Approximate Fisher information matrix to characterise the training of deep neural networksLiao, Z.; Drummond, T.; Reid, I.; Carneiro, G.
2020The Riemann-Roch theorem on higher dimensional complex noncommutative toriVarghese, M.; Rosenberg, J.
2020Biphasic effects of methanandamide on murine gastric vagal afferent mechanosensitivityChristie, S.; O'Reilly, R.; Li, H.; Wittert, G.A.; Page, A.J.
2020Performance of two head injury decision rules evaluated on an external cohort of 18,913 childrenShavit, I.; Rimon, A.; Waisman, Y.; Borland, M.; Phillips, N.; Kochar, A.; Cheek, J.; Gilhotra, Y.; Furyk, J.; Neutze, J.; Dalziel, S.; Lyttle, M.; Bressan, S.; Donath, S.; Hearps, S.; Oakley, E.; Crowe, L.; Babl, F.
2020Species range shifts along multistressor mosaics in estuarine environments under future climateLauchlan, S.S.; Nagelkerken, I.
2020Impact of high-speed broadband on innovation in rural firmsRampersad, G.; Troshani, I.
2020Truth finding by reliability estimation on inconsistent entities for heterogeneous data setsTian, H.; Sheng, W.; Shen, H.; Wang, C.
2020Ecdysone controlled cell and tissue deletionXu, T.; Jiang, X.; Denton, D.; Kumar, S.