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2024The integral role of parents in fostering a sense of belonging for school-aged childrenAllen, K.-A.; McGlinchey, C.; Boyle, C.; Wong, D.; Lan, M.; Chan, T.; Devaney, C.; Crosse, R.
2024Sodium doping and trapped ion mobility spectrometry improve lipid detection for novel MALDI-MSI analysis of oatsLau, W.C.D.; Donnellan, L.; Briggs, M.; Rupasinghe, T.; Harris, J.C.; Hayes, J.E.; Hoffmann, P.
2024Reconstructing temperature fields from OH distribution and soot volume fraction in turbulent flames using an artificial neural networkNie, X.; Zhang, W.; Dong, X.; Medwell, P.R.; Nathan, G.J.; Sun, Z.
2024Hydrogen addition to a commercial self-aspirating burner and assessment of a practical burner modification strategy to improve performanceGee, A.J.; Proud, D.B.; Smith, N.; Chinnici, A.; Medwell, P.R.
2024Insights into the invasive diagnostic challenges of coronary artery vasospasm - A systematic reviewRehan, R.; Beltrame, J.; Yong, A.
2024The GABA shunt contributes to ROS homeostasis in guard cells of ArabidopsisXu, B.; Feng, X.; Piechatzek, A.; Zhang, S.; Konrad, K.R.; Kromdijk, J.; Hedrich, R.; Gilliham, M.
2024Impact of COVID-19 on the economic loss and resource conservation of China's tourism industry from the supply chain perspectiveLee, L.C.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, L.; Ping, L.; Zuo, J.; Zhang, H.
2024Current advances in imaging spectroscopy and its state-of-the-art applicationsZahra, A.; Qureshi, R.; Sajjad, M.; Sadak, F.; Nawaz, M.; Khan, H.A.; Uzair, M.
2024Transvenous phrenic nerve stimulation for treating central sleep apnea may regulate sleep microstructureHartmann, S.; Immanuel, S.; McKane, S.; Linz, D.; Parrino, L.; Baumert, M.
2024Outlaws in their Native land: the 'Incompetence' of Aboriginal Witnesses in 19th Century Colonial AustraliaAlexander, A.; Nicholls, H.; Plater, D.; Griffiths, C.; Korporowicz, Ł.
2024Are housing circumstances associated with faster epigenetic ageing?Clair, A.; Baker, E.; Kumari, M.
2024Characterisation of turbulent non-premixed hydrogen-blended flames in a scaled industrial low-swirl burnerGee, A.J.; Smith, N.; Chinnici, A.; Medwell, P.R.
2024Compromised transcription-mRNA export factor THOC2 causes R-loop accumulation, DNA damage and adverse neurodevelopmentBhattacharjee, R.; Jolly, L.A.; Corbett, M.A.; Wee, I.C.; Rao, S.R.; Gardner, A.E.; Ritchie, T.; van Hugte, E.J.H.; Ciptasari, U.; Piltz, S.; Noll, J.E.; Nazri, N.; van Eyk, C.L.; White, M.; Fornarino, D.; Poulton, C.; Baynam, G.; Collins-Praino, L.E.; Snel, M.F.; Nadif Kasri, N.; et al.
2024Identification of consensus head and neck cancer-associated microbiota signatures: a systematic review and meta-analysis of 16S rRNA and The Cancer Microbiome Atlas datasetsYeo, K.; Li, R.; Wu, F.; Bouras, G.; Mai, L.T.H.; Smith, E.; Wormald, P.-J.; Valentine, R.; Psaltis, A.J.; Vreugde, S.; Fenix, K.
2024Mechanics of Small-Scale Spherical Inclusions Using Nonlocal Poroelasticity Integrated with Light Gradient Boosting MachineFarajpour, A.; Ingman, W.V.
2024Post-crisis risk management: water, community, and adaptation in a South Australian irrigation districtSkinner, W.; Bardsley, D.; Drew, G.
2024Multiomic analysis implicates nuclear hormone receptor signalling in clustering epilepsyde Nys, R.; van Eyk, C.L.; Ritchie, T.; Møller, R.S.; Scheffer, I.E.; Marini, C.; Bhattacharjee, R.; Kumar, R.; Gecz, J.
2024Urine congophilia associated with preeclampsia does not persist 6-months postpartumHofstee, P.; Lum, J.S.; Chow, Y.Y.; Wittwer, M.R.; Arstall, M.; Dekker, G.; Clifton, V.L.; Wright, I.M.; Kelly, M.A.; Ecroyd, H.
2024Modification of vertebral regions explains heart position in arboreal colubrids (Serpentes: Colubridae)Nash-Hahn, T.; Stepanova, N.; Davis Rabosky, A.R.; Sherratt, E.
2024What’s in my mince? Reader responses to news coverage about novel plant-based protein foodsPhillipov, M.; Buddle, E.; McLean, S.; Ankeny, R.