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2015A randomized trial of progesterone in women with recurrent miscarriagesCoomarasamy, A.; Williams, H.; Truchanowicz, E.; Seed, P.; Small, R.; Quenby, S.; Gupta, P.; Dawood, F.; Koot, Y.; Bender Atik, R.; Bloemenkamp, K.; Brady, R.; Briley, A.; Cavallaro, R.; Cheong, Y.; Chu, J.; Eapen, A.; Ewies, A.; Hoek, A.; Kaaijk, E.; et al.
2018Association between periconceptional weight loss and maternal and neonatal outcomes in obese infertile womenvan Oers, A.; Mutsaerts, M.; Burggraaff, J.; Kuchenbecker, W.; Perquin, D.; Koks, C.; van Golde, R.; Kaaijk, E.; Broekmans, F.; De Bruin, J.; van der Veen, F.; Nap, A.; Gondrie, E.; Mol, B.; Groen, H.; Hoek, A.; Krukowski, R.A.
2011Couples with unexplained subfertility and unfavorable prognosis: a randomized pilot trial comparing the effectiveness of in vitro fertilization with elective single embryo transfer versus intrauterine insemination with controlled ovarian stimulationCusters, I.; Konig, T.; Broekmans, F.; Hompes, P.; Kaaijk, E.; Oosterhuis, G.; Mochtar, M.; Repping, S.; van Wely, M.; Steures, P.; van der Veen, F.; Mol, B.
2016Effectiveness of lifestyle intervention in subgroups of obese infertile women: a subgroup analysis of a RCTvan Oers, A.; Groen, H.; Mutsaerts, M.; Burggraaff, J.; Kuchenbecker, W.; Perquin, D.; Koks, C.; van Golde, R.; Kaaijk, E.; Schierbeek, J.; Oosterhuis, G.; Broekmans, F.; Vogel, N.; Land, J.; Mol, B.; Hoek, A.; LIFEstyle study group
2014How long should we continue clomiphene citrate in anovulatory women?Weiss, N.; Braam, S.; K├Ânig, T.; Hendriks, M.; Hamilton, C.; Smeenk, J.; Koks, C.; Kaaijk, E.; Hompes, P.; Lambalk, C.; Van Der Veen, F.; Mol, B.; Van Wely, M.
2012Long-term follow-up of laparoscopic electrocautery of the ovaries versus ovulation induction with recombinant FSH in clomiphene citrate-resistant women with polycystic ovary syndrome: an economic evaluationNahuis, M.; Oude Lohuis, E.; Kose, N.; Bayram, N.; Hompes, P.; Oosterhuis, G.; Kaaijk, E.; Cohlen, B.; Bossuyt, P.; van der Veen, F.; Mol, B.; van Wely, M.
2016Randomized trial of a lifestyle program in obese infertile womenMutsaerts, M.; Van Oers, A.; Groen, H.; Burggraaff, J.; Kuchenbecker, W.; Perquin, D.; Koks, C.; Van Golde, R.; Kaaijk, E.; Schierbeek, J.; Oosterhuis, G.; Broekmans, F.; Bemelmans, W.; Lambalk, C.; Verberg, M.; Van Der Veen, F.; Klijn, N.; Mercelina, P.; Van Kasteren, Y.; Nap, A.; et al.
2012The inSIGHT study: costs and effects of routine hysteroscopy prior to a first IVF treatment cycle. A randomised controlled trialSmit, J.; Kasius, J.; Eijkemans, M.; Koks, C.; van Golde, R.; Oosterhuis, G.; Nap, A.; Scheffer, G.; Manger, P.; Hoek, A.; Kaplan, M.; Schoot, B.; van Heusden, A.; Kuchenbecker, W.; Perquin, D.; Fleischer, K.; Kaaijk, E.; Sluijmer, A.; Friederich, J.; Laven, J.; et al.
2010The LIFESTYLE study: costs and effects of a structured lifestyle program in overweight and obese subfertile women to reduce the need for fertility treatment and improve reproductive outcome. A randomised controlled trialMutsaerts, M.; Groen, H.; ter Bogt, N.; Bolster, J.; Land, J.; Bemelmans, W.; Kuchenbecker, W.; Hompes, P.; Macklon, N.; Stolk, R.; van der Veen, F.; Maas, J.; Klijn, N.; Kaaijk, E.; Oosterhuis, G.; Bouckaert, P.; Schierbeek, J.; van Kasteren, Y.; Nap, A.; Broekmans, F.; et al.