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2021capCLIP: a new tool to probe translational control in human cells through capture and identification of the eIF4E-mRNA interactomeJensen, K.B.; Dredge, B.K.; Toubia, J.; Jin, X.; Iadevaia, V.; Goodall, G.J.; Proud, C.G.
2016Depletion of ribosomal protein S19 causes a reduction of rRNA synthesisJuli, G.; Gismondi, A.; Monteleone, V.; Caldarola, S.; Iadevaia, V.; Aspesi, A.; Dianzani, I.; Proud, C.; Loreni, F.
2011Differing effects of rapamycin and mTOR kinase inhibitors on protein synthesisHuo, Y.; Iadevaia, V.; Proud, C.
2012Evaluation of mTOR-regulated mRNA translationIadevaia, V.; Wang, X.; Yao, Z.; Foster, L.; Proud, C.
2015Growth-factor dependent expression of the translationally controlled tumour protein TCTP is regulated through the PI3-K/Akt/mTORC1 signalling pathwayBommer, U.; Iadevaia, V.; Chen, J.; Knoch, B.; Engel, M.; Proud, C.
2014Impairing the production of ribosomal RNA activates mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 signalling and downstream translation factorsLiu, R.; Iadevaia, V.; Averous, J.; Taylor, P.; Zhang, Z.; Proud, C.
2013mTOR direct interactions with Rheb-GTPase and raptor: sub-cellular localization using fluorescence lifetime imagingYadav, R.; Burgos, P.; Parker, A.; Iadevaia, V.; Proud, C.; Allen, R.; O'Connell, J.; Jeshtadi, A.; Stubbs, C.; Botchway, S.
2012mTOR signaling regulates the processing of pre-rRNA in human cellsIadevaia, V.; Zhang, Z.; Jan, E.; Proud, C.
2014MTORC1 signaling controls multiple steps in ribosome biogenesisIadevaia, V.; Liu, R.; Proud, C.
2014Ribosomal stress activates eEF2K-eEF2 pathway causing translation elongation inhibition and recruitment of Terminal Oligopyrimidine (TOP) mRNAs on polysomesGismondi, A.; Caldarola, S.; Lisi, G.; Juli, G.; Chellini, L.; Iadevaia, V.; Proud, C.; Loreni, F.
2012Roles of the mammalian target of rapamycin, mTOR, in controlling ribosome biogenesis and protein synthesisIadevaia, V.; Huo, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Foster, L.; Proud, C.
2012Stable isotope-labelling analysis of the impact of inhibition of the mammalian target of rapamycin on protein synthesisHuo, Y.; Iadevaia, V.; Yao, Z.; Kelly, I.; Cosulich, S.; Guichard, S.; Foster, L.; Proud, C.
2015The MAP kinase-interacting kinases regulate cell migration, vimentin expression and elF4E/CYFIP1 bindingBeggs, J.; Tian, S.; Jones, G.; Xie, J.; Iadevaia, V.; Jenei, V.; Thomas, G.; Proud, C.