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2019Dysregulation of kynurenine metabolism is related to proinflammatory cytokines, attention, and prefrontal cortex volume in schizophreniaKindler, J.; Lim, C.K.; Weickert, C.S.; Boerrigter, D.; Galletly, C.; Liu, D.; Jacobs, K.R.; Balzan, R.; Bruggemann, J.; O'Donnell, M.; Lenroot, R.; Guillemin, G.J.; Weickert, T.W.
2019Altered transcranial magnetic stimulation–electroencephalographic markers of inhibition and excitation in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in major depressive disorderVoineskos, D.; Blumberger, D.; Zomorrodi, R.; Rogasch, N.; Farzan, F.; Foussias, G.; Rajji, T.; Daskalakis, Z.
2019The Lancet Psychiatry Commission: a blueprint for protecting physical health in people with mental illnessFirth, J.; Siddiqi, N.; Koyanagi, A.; Siskind, D.; Rosenbaum, S.; Galletly, C.; Allan, S.; Caneo, C.; Carney, R.; Carvalho, A.; Chatterton, M.; Correll, C.; Curtis, J.; Gaughran, F.; Heald, A.; Hoare, E.; Jackson, S.; Kisely, S.; Lovell, K.; Maj, M.; et al.
2019Cognitive deficits in the THINC-integrated tool (THINC-it) are associated with psychosocial dysfunction in patients with major depressive disorderKnight, M.; Fourrier, C.; Lyrtzis, E.; Aboustate, N.; Sampson, E.; Hori, H.; Mills, N.; Baune, B.
2019Cognition and related neural findings on methamphetamine use disorder: insights and treatment implications from schizophrenia researchGuerin, A.; Bonomo, Y.; Lawrence, A.; Baune, B.; Nestler, E.; Rossell, S.; Kim, J.
2019Effects of psychological treatment of mental health problems in pregnant women to protect their offspring: randomised controlled trialBurger, H.; Verbeek, T.; Aris-Meijer, J.L.; Beijers, C.; Mol, B.W.; Hollon, S.D.; Ormel, J.; van Pampus, M.G.; Bockting, C.L.
2019A holistic understanding of the effect of stress on adolescent well-being: a conditional process analysisBranson, V.; Palmer, E.; Dry, M.; Turnbull, D.
2019Treatment-resistant depressive disorders: the when, how and what of augmentation therapyBassett, D.; Parker, G.; Hamilton, A.; Morris, G.; Baune, B.; Boyce, P.; Hopwood, M.; Mulder, R.; Porter, R.; Singh, A.; Outhred, T.; Mannie, Z.; Das, P.; Malhi, G.
2019‘Having a mentor helped me with difficult times’: a trainee-run mentoring projectSzabo, S.; Lloyd, B.; McKellar, D.; Myles, H.; Newton, H.; Schutz, J.; Hahn, L.; Galletly, C.