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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Epigenetic alterations following early postnatal stress: a review on novel aetiological mechanisms of common psychiatric disordersJawahar, M.; Murgatroyd, C.; Harrison, E.; Baune, B.
2015Pharmacoepigenetics of depression: no major influence of MAO-A DNA methylation on treatment responseDomschke, K.; Tidow, N.; Schwarte, K.; Ziegler, C.; Lesch, K.; Deckert, J.; Arolt, V.; Zwanzger, P.; Baune, B.
2015A review on the impact of cognitive dysfunction on social, occupational, and general functional outcomes in bipolar disorderBaune, B.; Malhi, G.
2015Mood disorders: neurocognitive modelsMalhi, G.; Byrow, Y.; Fritz, K.; Das, P.; Baune, B.; Porter, R.; Outhred, T.
2015In-vivo administration of clozapine affects behaviour but does not reverse dendritic spine deficits in the 14-3-3ζ KO mouse model of schizophrenia-like disordersJaehne, E.; Ramshaw, H.; Xu, X.; Saleh, E.; Clark, S.; Schubert, K.; Lopez, A.; Schwarz, Q.; Baune, B.
2015Effects of centrally administered etanercept on behavior, microglia, and astrocytes in mice following a peripheral immune challengeCamara, M.; Corrigan, F.; Jaehne, E.; Jawahar, M.; Anscomb, H.; Baune, B.
2015Effects of physical exercise on central nervous system functions: a review of brain region specific adaptationsMorgan, J.; Corrigan, F.; Baune, B.
2015Clinical advances in geriatric psychiatry: a focus on prevention of mood and cognitive disordersEyre, H.; Baune, B.; Lavretsky, H.
2015Enabling the success of academic health science centres in Australia: where is the leadership?Allison, S.; Bastiampillai, T.; Baune, B.
2015A critical review of the efficacy of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in depressionEyre, H.; Air, T.; Proctor, S.; Rositano, S.; Baune, B.