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2014The temporal relationship between posttraumatic stress disorder and problem alcohol use following traumatic injuryNickerson, A.; Barnes, J.; Creamer, M.; Forbes, D.; McFarlane, A.; O'Donnell, M.; Silove, D.; Steel, Z.; Bryant, R.
2014The experiences, coping mechanisms and impact of death and dying on palliative medicine specialistsZambrano Ramos, S.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Crawford, G.
2014Reductions in C-reactive protein in older adults with type 2 diabetes are related to improvements in body composition following a randomized controlled trial of resistance trainingMavros, Y.; Kay, S.; Simpson, K.; Baker, M.; Wang, Y.; Zhao, R.; Meiklejohn, J.; Climstein, M.; O'Sullivan, A.; de Vos, N.; Baune, B.; Blair, S.; Simar, D.; Rooney, K.; Singh, N.; Fiatarone-Singh, M.
2014Assessing for unique immunomodulatory and neuroplastic profiles of physical activity subtypes: A focus on psychiatric disordersEyre, H.; Baune, B.
2014Chemokines and chemokine receptors in mood disorders, schizophrenia, and cognitive impairment: A systematic review of biomarker studiesStuart, M.; Baune, B.
2014Inadequate fruit and vegetable intake in people with psychosisHahn, L.; Galletly, C.; Foley, D.; Mackinnon, A.; Watts, G.; Castle, D.; Waterreus, A.; Morgan, V.
2014Prevalence and impact of childhood abuse in people with a psychotic illness. Data from the second Australian national survey of psychosisShah, S.; Mackinnon, A.; Galletly, C.; Carr, V.; McGrath, J.; Stain, H.; Castle, D.; Harvey, C.; Sweeney, S.; Morgan, V.
2014Determinants of high rates of smoking among people with psychosis living in a socially disadvantaged region in South AustraliaHahn, L.; Rigby, A.; Galletly, C.
2014The impact of glucose disorders on cognition and brain volumes in the elderly: The Sydney Memory and Ageing StudySamaras, K.; Lutgers, H.; Kochan, N.; Crawford, J.; Campbell, L.; Wen, W.; Slavin, M.; Baune, B.; Lipnicki, D.; Brodaty, H.; Trollor, J.; Sachdev, P.
2014Personality disorders in heart failure patients requiring psychiatric management: comorbidity detections from a routine depression and anxiety screening protocolTully, P.; Selkow, T.