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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Association of polygenic score for major depression with response to lithium in patients with bipolar disorderAmare, A.; Schubert, K.; Hou, L.; Clark, S.; Papiol, S.; Cearns, M.; Heilbronner, U.; Degenhardt, F.; Tekola-Ayele, F.; Hsu, Y.; Shekhtman, T.; Adli, M.; Akula, N.; Akiyama, K.; Ardau, R.; Arias, B.; Aubry, J.; Backlund, L.; Bhattacharjee, A.; Bellivier, F.; et al.
2020Brain aging in major depressive disorder: results from the ENIGMA major depressive disorder working groupHan, L.; Dinga, R.; Hahn, T.; Ching, C.; Eyler, L.; Aftanas, L.; Aghajani, M.; Aleman, A.; Baune, B.; Berger, K.; Brak, I.; Filho, G.; Carballedo, A.; Connolly, C.; Couvy-Duchesne, B.; Cullen, K.; Dannlowski, U.; Davey, C.; Dima, D.; Duran, F.; et al.
2020Genome-wide gene-environment analyses of major depressive disorder and reported lifetime traumatic experiences in UK BiobankColeman, J.; Peyrot, W.; Purves, K.; Davis, K.; Rayner, C.; Choi, S.; Hübel, C.; Gaspar, H.; Kan, C.; Van der Auwera, S.; Adams, M.; Lyall, D.; Choi, K.; Wray, N.; Ripke, S.; Mattheisen, M.; Trzaskowski, M.; Byrne, E.; Abdellaoui, A.; Adams, M.; et al.
2020Brain structural abnormalities in obesity: relation to age, genetic risk, and common psychiatric disorders: evidence through univariate and multivariate mega-analysis including 6420 participants from the ENIGMA MDD working groupOpel, N.; Thalamuthu, A.; Milaneschi, Y.; Grotegerd, D.; Flint, C.; Leenings, R.; Goltermann, J.; Richter, M.; Hahn, T.; Woditsch, G.; Berger, K.; Hermesdorf, M.; McIntosh, A.; Whalley, H.; Harris, M.; MacMaster, F.; Walter, H.; Veer, I.; Frodl, T.; Carballedo, A.; et al.