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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Antidepressant prescribing in the precision medicine era: a prescriber's primer on pharmacogenetic toolsBousman, C.; Forbes, M.; Jayaram, M.; Eyre, H.; Reynolds, C.; Berk, M.; Hopwood, M.; Ng, C.
2016A review of vulnerability and risks for schizophrenia: beyond the two hit hypothesisDavis, J.; Eyre, H.; Jacka, F.; Dodd, S.; Dean, O.; McEwen, S.; Debnath, M.; McGrath, J.; Maes, M.; Amminger, P.; McGorry, P.; Pantelis, C.; Berk, M.
2013Treating depression and depression-like behavior with physical activity: An immune perspectiveEyre, H.; Papps, E.; Baune, B.
2012Neuroplastic changes in depression: A role for the immune systemEyre, H.; Baune, B.
2012Neuroimmunological effects of physical exercise in depressionEyre, H.; Baune, B.
2014Assessing for unique immunomodulatory and neuroplastic profiles of physical activity subtypes: A focus on psychiatric disordersEyre, H.; Baune, B.
2013Exercising the worry away: How inflammation, oxidative and nitrogen stress mediates the beneficial effect of physical activity on anxiety disorder symptoms and behavioursMoylan, S.; Eyre, H.; Maes, M.; Baune, B.; Jacka, F.; Berk, M.
2012Tumour necrosis factor - alpha mediated mechanisms of cognitive dysfunctionBaune, B.; Camara, M.; Eyre, H.; Jawahar, M.; Anscomb, H.; Korner, H.
2010Anti-inflammatory effects of antidepressant and atypical antipsychotic medication for the treatment of major depression and comorbid arthritis: a case reportBaune, B.; Eyre, H.
2012Novel perspectives on the role of immune biomarkers in exercise and depressionBaune, B.; Eyre, H.