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2006Hazardous or harmful alcohol use in Royal Australian Navy veterans of the 1991 Gulf War: Identification of high risk subgroupsMcKenzie, D.; McFarlane, A.; Creamer, M.; Ikin, J.; Forbes, A.; Kelsall, H.; Clarke, D.; Glass, D.; Ittak, P.; Sim, M.
2006Early life stress and morphometry of the adult anterior cingulate cortex and caudate nucleiCohen, R.; Grieve, S.; Hoth, K.; Paul, R.; Sweet, L.; Tate, D.; Gunstad, J.; Stroud, L.; McCaffery, J.; Hitsman, B.; Niaura, R.; Clark, C.; McFarlane, A.; Bryant, R.; Gordon, E.; Williams, L.
2006Psychiatric disorder and separation from military service: a 10-year retrospective studyCreamer, M.; Carboon, I.; Forbes, A.; McKenzie, D.; McFarlane, A.; Kelsall, H.; Sim, M.
2006Medically evaluated psychological and physical health of Australian Gulf War veterans with chronic fatigueKelsall, H.; Sim, M.; McKenzie, D.; Forbes, A.; Leder, K.; Glass, D.; Ikin, J.; McFarlane, A.
2006Symptomatology and psychopathology of mental health problems after disasterFoa, E.; Stein, D.; McFarlane, A.
2006Prevalence of victimization, posttraumatic stress disorder and violent behaviour in the seriously mentally illMcFarlane, A.; Schrader, G.; Bookless, C.; Browne, D.
2006Definitions and concepts in disaster researchMcFarlane, A.; Norris, F.; Norris, F.; Galea, S.; Friedman, M.; Watson, P.
2006The extent and impact of mental health problems after disasterDavidson, J.; McFarlane, A.
2006Formulating questions about postdisaster mental healthBenight, C.; McFarlane, A.; Norris, F.; Norris, F.; Galea, S.; Friedman, M.; Watson, P.
2006The relationship between personality and post traumatic stress disorderMcFarlane, A.; Strelau, J.; Klonowicz, T.