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2006A case series on the development of rest-activity rhythm and quality of sleep in patients hospitalized for treatment of uni- or bipolar depression: a potential role for quetiapineBaune, B.; Caliskan, S.; Todder, D.
2006Associations between Major Depression, Bipolar Disorders, Dysthymia and Cardiovascular Diseases in the General Adult PopulationBaune, B.; Adrian, I.; Arolt, V.; Berger, K.
2006Suicide rates and antidepressant prescribing: a casual or causal relationship?Baune, B.; Hay, P.
2006Night locomotor activity and quality of sleep in quetiapine-treated patients with depressionTodder, D.; Caliskan, S.; Baune, B.
2006The association of psychological stress and health related quality of life among patients with stroke and hypertension in Gaza StripBaune, B.; Aljeesh, Y.
2006Memory performance in severely depressed patients treated by electroconvulsive therapyHihn, H.; Baune, B.; Michael, N.; Markowitsch, H.; Arolt, V.; Pfleiderer, B.
2006The Association between Depressive Mood and Cognitive Performance in an Elderly General Population - The MEMO StudyBaune, B.; Suslow, T.; Engelien, A.; Arolt, V.; Berger, K.
2006Lack of association between iron metabolism and depressive mood in an elderly general populationBaune, B.; v Eckardstein, A.; Berger, K.
2006Body weight, body mass index, overweight and obesity in consecutive cohorts of children at school entry in a community in Lower Bavaria 1997-2002Baune, B.; Mikolajczyk, R.; Stich, H.; Kraemer, A.
2006Associations between preschool attendance and developmental impairments in pre-school children in a six-year retrospective surveyStich, H.; Baune, B.; Caniato, R.; Kraemer, A.