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2011The Kynurenine pathway in major depression: haplotype analysis of three functional candidate genesClaes, S.; Myint, A.; Domschke, K.; Del-Favero, J.; Entrich, K.; Engelborghs, S.; De Deyn, P.; Mueller, N.; Baune, B.; Rothermundt, M.
2011A genome-wide significant linkage for severe depression on chromosome 3: the depression network studyBreen, G.; Webb, B.; Butler, A.; van den Oord, E.; Tozzi, F.; Craddock, N.; Gill, M.; Korszun, A.; Maier, W.; Middleton, L.; Mors, O.; Owen, M.; Cohen-Woods, S.; Perry, J.; Galwey, N.; Upmanyu, R.; Craig, I.; Lewis, C.; Ng, M.; Brewster, S.; et al.
2011A follow-up case-control association study of tractable (druggable) genes in recurrent major depressionSchosser, A.; Gaysina, D.; Cohen-Woods, S.; Domenici, E.; Perry, J.; Tozzi, F.; Korszun, A.; Gunasinghe, C.; Gray, J.; Jones, L.; Binder, E.; Holsboer, F.; Craddock, N.; Owen, M.; Craig, I.; Farmer, A.; Muglia, P.; McGuffin, P.
2011No effect of 5HTTLPR or BDNF Val66Met polymorphism on hippocampal morphology in major depressionCole, J.; Weinberger, D.; Mattay, V.; Cheng, X.; Toga, A.; Thompson, P.; Powell-Smith, G.; Cohen-Woods, S.; Simmons, A.; McGuffin, P.; Fu, C.
2011Convergent animal and human evidence suggests a role of PPM1A gene in response to antidepressantsMalki, K.; Uher, R.; Paya-Cano, J.; Binder, E.; Rietschel, M.; Zobel, A.; Mors, O.; Hauser, J.; Henigsberg, N.; Jerman, B.; Souery, D.; Placentino, A.; Ng, M.; Cohen-Woods, S.; Sluyter, F.; Farmer, A.; Aitchison, K.; Craig, I.; Lewis, C.; McGuffin, P.; et al.
2011Obesity and nutrition behaviours in Western and Palestinian outpatients with severe mental illnessJakabek, D.; Quirk, F.; Driessen, M.; Aljeesh, Y.; Baune, B.
2011Self-inflicted injuries and associated psychological profilesGall, J.; Goldney, R.; Payne-James, J.
2011Clozapine use in AustraliaMalalagama, G.; Bastiampillai, T.; Dhillon, R.
2011Changes in the prevalence of bipolar disorders between 1998 and 2008 in an Australian populationZutshi, A.; Eckert, K.; Hawthorne, G.; Taylor, A.; Goldney, R.
2011Aripiprazole in the maintenance treatment of bipolar disorder: A critical review of the evidence and its dissemination into the scientific literatureTsai, A.; Rosenlicht, N.; Jureidini, J.; Parry, P.; Spielmans, G.; Healy, D.