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2010Grief and bereavement issues and the loss of a companion animal: People living with a companion animal, owners of livestock, and animal support workersChur-Hansen, A.
2010COMT val158met influence on electroconvulsive therapy response in major depressionDomschke, K.; Zavorotnyy, M.; Diemer, J.; Nitsche, S.; Hohoff, C.; Baune, B.; Deckert, J.; Arolt, V.; Zwanzger, P.
2010Structural simplexity of the brainPham, T.; Elfiqi, H.; Knecht, S.; Wersching, H.; Baune, B.; Berger, K.
2010Tackling the Global Mental Health Challenge: A Psychosomatic Medicine/Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry PerspectiveBauer, A.; Fielke, K.; Brayley, J.; Araya, M.; Alem, A.; Frankel, B.; Fricchione, G.
2010Gaps in the evidence about companion animals and human health: some suggestions for progress.Chur-Hansen, A.; Stern, C.; Winefield, H.
2010Do we need to flick the switch? The need for a broader conceptualization of iatrogenic course aggravation in clinical trials of bipolar disorderBerk, M.; Ng, F.; Dodd, S.; Goldberg, J.; Malhi, G.
2010The relationship between urinary melatonin metabolite excretion and posttraumatic symptoms following traumatic injuryMcFarlane, A.; Barton, C.; Briggs, N.; Kennaway, D.
2010Association analysis of DAOA and DAO in bipolar disorder: results from two independent case-control studiesGaysina, D.; Cohen-Woods, S.; Chow, P.; Martucci, L.; Schosser, A.; Ball, H.; Tozzi, F.; Perry, J.; Muglia, P.; Kennedy, J.; King, N.; Vincent, J.; Parikh, S.; Strauss, J.; Craig, I.; McGuffin, P.; Farmer, A.
2010Are adolescents dying by suicide taking SSRI antidepressants? A review of observational studiesDudley, M.; Goldney, R.; Hadzi-Pavlovic, D.
2010Depression and obesity in adults with asthma: multiple comorbidities and management issuesWilson, D.; Appleton, S.; Taylor, A.; Tucker, G.; Ruffin, R.; Wittert, G.; Hugo, G.; Goldney, R.; Findlay, C.; Adams, R.