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2010Switching between executive and default mode networks in posttraumatic stress disorder: alterations in functional connectivityDaniels, J.; McFarlane, A.; Bluhm, R.; Moores, K.; Clark, C.; Shaw, M.; Williamson, P.; Densmore, M.; Lanius, R.
2010Sociodemographic risk factors and correlates of dementia in older MalaysiansHamid, Tengku Aizan; Krishnaswamy, Saroja; Abdullah, Siti Suhailah; Momtaz, Yadollah Abolfathi
2010Temporal relationships between Gulf War deployment and subsequent psychological disorders in Royal Australian Navy Gulf War veteransMcKenzie, D.; Creamer, M.; Kelsall, H.; Forbes, A.; Ikin, J.; Sim, M.; McFarlane, A.
2010Impaired working memory in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and their siblingsWee, Kok Wei; Yaacob, Mohd Jamil; Abdullah, Wan Norhaida Wan; Nakaria, Norzilla; Pridmore, Saxby
2010Is a history of school bullying victimization associated with adult suicidal ideation? A South Australian population-based observational studyRoeger, L.; Allison, S.; Korossy-Horwood, R.; Eckert, K.; Goldney, R.
2010The long-term effectiveness of clozapine and lamotrigine in a patient with treatment-resistant rapid-cycling bipolar disorderBastiampillai, T.; Reid, C.; Dhillon, R.
2010The delayed and cumulative consequences of traumatic stress: Challenges and issues in compensation settingsMcFarlane, A.
2010Should A2 be a diagnostic requirement for posttraumatic stress disorder in DSM-V?O'Donnell, M.; Creamer, M.; McFarlane, A.; Silove, D.; Bryant, R.
2010Impact of depression heterogeneity on attention: an auditory oddball event related potential studyKemp, A.; Benito, L.; Quintana, D.; Clark, C.; McFarlane, A.; Mayur, P.; Harris, A.; Boyce, P.; Williams, L.
2010Bomb blast, mild traumatic brain injury and psychiatric morbidity: A reviewRosenfeld, J.; Ford, N.