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2016Childhood lead exposure, childhood trauma, substance use and subclinical psychotic experiences - a longitudinal cohort studyGalletly, C.; Clark, L.; McFarlane, A.; Searle, A.; Sawyer, M.; Sim, M.; Baghurst, P.; van Hooff, M.
2015Stopping the run-around? A study of services for people with comorbid mental health and substance use disorders in northern AdelaideCairney, I.; Galletly, C.; de Crespigny, C.; Liu, D.; Moss, J.; Procter, N.
2011Accomplishments of the thought disordered person: A case study in psychiatrist-patient interactionGalletly, C.; Crichton, J.
2020Improvement of cognitive function in schizophrenia with N-acetylcysteine: a theoretical reviewYolland, C.O.; Phillipou, A.; Castle, D.J.; Neill, E.; Hughes, M.E.; Galletly, C.; Smith, Z.M.; Francis, P.S.; Dean, O.M.; Sarris, J.; Siskind, D.; Harris, A.W.; Rossell, S.L.
2017"The chicken or the egg": barriers and facilitators to collaborative care for people with comorbidity in a metropolitan region of South AustraliaGroenkjaer, M.; de Crespigny, C.; Liu, D.; Moss, J.; Cairney, I.; Lee, D.; Procter, N.; Galletly, C.
2019‘Having a mentor helped me with difficult times’: a trainee-run mentoring projectSzabo, S.; Lloyd, B.; McKellar, D.; Myles, H.; Newton, H.; Schutz, J.; Hahn, L.; Galletly, C.
2020Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio - a simple, accessible measure of inflammation, morbidity and prognosis in psychiatric disorders?Zulfic, Z.; Weickert, C.S.; Weickert, T.W.; Liu, D.; Myles, N.; Galletly, C.
2017How long will we sleep on obstructive sleep apnoea in schizophrenia?Myles, H.; Myles, N.; Liu, D.; Adams, R.; Wittert, G.; Antic, N.; Galletly, C.
2017The value of counting WHO-defined cardiovascular risk factors for death and disability in a national sample of adults with psychosisHahn, L.; Mackinnon, A.; Foley, D.; Morgan, V.; Waterreus, A.; Watts, G.; Castle, D.; Liu, D.; Galletly, C.
2020Supporting the vulnerable: developing a strategic community mental health response to the COVID-19 pandemicThomson, S.; Doan, T.; Liu, D.; Schubert, K.O.; Toh, J.; Boyd, M.A.; Galletly, C.