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2014Determinants of high rates of smoking among people with psychosis living in a socially disadvantaged region in South AustraliaHahn, L.; Rigby, A.; Galletly, C.
2012Evaluating health literacy in people with mental illness using the Test of Functional Health Literacy in AdultsGalletly, C.; Neaves, A.; Burton, C.; Liu, D.; Denson, L.
2013What do 1000 smokers with mental illness say about their tobacco use?Ashton, M.; Rigby, A.; Galletly, C.
2012Do people with schizophrenia lack emotional intelligence?Dawson, S.; Kettler, L.; Burton, C.; Galletly, C.
2013Sunshine, supplements, CBT and moreGalletly, C.
2018Severity of illness and adaptive functioning predict quality of care of children among parents with psychosis: A confirmatory factor analysisCampbell, L.; Hanlon, M.-.C.; Galletly, C.; Harvey, C.; Stain, H.; Cohen, M.; van Ravenzwaaij, D.; Brown, S.
2019Dysregulation of kynurenine metabolism is related to proinflammatory cytokines, attention, and prefrontal cortex volume in schizophreniaKindler, J.; Lim, C.K.; Weickert, C.S.; Boerrigter, D.; Galletly, C.; Liu, D.; Jacobs, K.R.; Balzan, R.; Bruggemann, J.; O'Donnell, M.; Lenroot, R.; Guillemin, G.J.; Weickert, T.W.
2017Developing a metformin prescribing tool for use in adults with mental illness to reduce medication-related weight gain and cardiovascular riskSmith, C.; Myles, H.; Galletly, C.
2013Health literacy and people with mental illnessGalletly, C.; Lincoln, A.; Arford, T.
2015Parents with serious mental illness: differences in internalised and externalised mental illness stigma and gender stigma between mothers and fathersLacey, M.; Paolini, S.; Hanlon, M.; Melville, J.; Galletly, C.; Campbell, L.