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2006Support provision and emotional work in an Internet support group for cancer patientsWinefield, H.
2006A case series on the development of rest-activity rhythm and quality of sleep in patients hospitalized for treatment of uni- or bipolar depression: a potential role for quetiapineBaune, B.; Caliskan, S.; Todder, D.
2006Self-management of medication for mental health problems by homeless young peopleMuir-Cochrane, E.; Fereday, J.; Jureidini, J.; Drummond, A.; Darbyshire, P.
2006Engagement with health and social care services: Perceptions of homeless young people with mental health problemsDarbyshire, P.; Muir-Cochrane, E.; Fereday, J.; Jureidini, J.; Drummond, A.
2006Overuse of antidepressant drugs for the treatment of depressionJureidini, J.; Tonkin, A.
2006Associations between Major Depression, Bipolar Disorders, Dysthymia and Cardiovascular Diseases in the General Adult PopulationBaune, B.; Adrian, I.; Arolt, V.; Berger, K.
2006An interdisciplinary course for trainee psychiatrists: feedback and implicationsChur-Hansen, A.; Koopowitz, L.; Jureidini, J.; Abhard, S.; McLean, S.
2006Suicide rates and antidepressant prescribing: a casual or causal relationship?Baune, B.; Hay, P.
2006Consultation-liaison to general practitioners coming of age: the South Australian psychiatrists' experienceSved-Williams, A.; Dodding, C.; Wilson, I.; Fuller, J.; Wade, V.
2006Night locomotor activity and quality of sleep in quetiapine-treated patients with depressionTodder, D.; Caliskan, S.; Baune, B.