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2012People living with psychotic illness in 2010: The second Australian national survey of psychosisMorgan, V.; Waterreus, A.; Jablensky, A.; Mackinnon, A.; McGrath, J.; Carr, V.; Bush, R.; Castle, D.; Cohen, M.; Harvey, C.; Galletly, C.; Stain, H.; Neil, A.; McGorry, P.; Hocking, B.; Shah, S.; Saw, S.
2013Cardiometabolic risk Indicators that distinguish adults with psychosis from the general population, by age and genderFoley, D.; Mackinnon, A.; Watts, G.; Shaw, J.; Magliano, D.; Castle, D.; McGrath, J.; Waterreus, A.; Morgan, V.; Galletly, C.
2009Spatio-temporal EEG waves in first episode schizophreniaAlexander, D.; Flynn, G.; Wong, W.; Whitford, T.; Harris, A.; Galletly, C.; Silverstein, S.
2009The effects of verbalisation on cognitive performance in schizophrenia: A pilot study using tasks from Delis Kaplan Executive Function SystemHarvey, K.; Galletly, C.; Field, C.; Proeve, M.
2009Recent advances in treating cognitive impairment in schizophreniaGalletly, C.
2009Challenges in psychiatric classification: The case of generalized anxiety disorderAsh, D.; Galletly, C.
2000The use of atropine eye drops for clozapine induced hypersalivationComley, C.; Galletly, C.; Ash, D.
2000Psychiatry and fertility servicesGalletly, C.
2008General and social cognition in first episode schizophrenia: Identification of separable factors and prediction of functional outcome using the IntegNeuro, test batteryWilliams, L.; Whitford, T.; Flynn, G.; Wong, W.; Liddell, B.; Silverstein, S.; Galletly, C.; Harris, A.; Gordon, E.
2015Aetiology of coexisting mental health and alcohol and other drug disorders: perspectives of refugee youth and service providersPosselt, M.; Procter, N.; Galletly, C.; de Crespigny, C.