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2023Factors influencing RNA yield from placenta tissueArthurs, A.L.; McCullough, D.; Williamson, J.M.; Jankovic-Karasoulos, T.; Smith, M.D.; Roberts, C.T.
2023MiOXSYS® andOxiSperm® II assays appear to provide no clinical utility for determining oxidative stress in human sperm—results from repeated semen collectionsCastleton, P.; Gyawali, P.; Mathews, N.; Mutuku, S.M.; Sharkey, D.J.; McPherson, N.O.
2023Cost-effectiveness of closed incision negative pressure wound therapy in preventing surgical site infection among obese women giving birth by caesarean section: An economic evaluation (DRESSING trial)Whitty, J.A.; Wagner, A.P.; Kang, E.; Ellwood, D.; Chaboyer, W.; Kumar, S.; Clifton, V.L.; Thalib, L.; Gillespie, B.M.
2023Randomised controlled trials of behavioural nudges delivered through text messages to increase influenza and COVID-19 vaccines among pregnant women (the EPIC study): study protocolAndraweera, P.H.; Wang, B.; Danchin, M.; Blyth, C.; Vlaev, I.; Ong, J.; Dodd, J.; Couper, J.; Sullivan, T.R.; Karnon, J.; Spurrier, N.; Cusack, M.; Mordaunt, D.; Simatos, D.; Dekker, G.; Carlson, S.; Tuckerman, J.; Wood, N.; Whop, L.; Marshall, H.S.
2023Lived experiences of the diagnostic assessment process for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A systematic review of qualitative evidenceHayes, N.; Bagley, K.; Hewlett, N.; Elliott, E.J.; Pestell, C.F.; Gullo, M.J.; Munn, Z.; Middleton, P.; Walker, P.; Till, H.; Shanley, D.C.; Young, S.L.; Boaden, N.; Hutchinson, D.; Kippin, N.R.; Finlay-Jones, A.; Friend, R.; Shelton, D.; Crichton, A.; Reid, N.
2023Comparison of machine learning and conventional logistic regression-based prediction models for gestational diabetes in an ethnically diverse population; the Monash GDM Machine learning modelBelsti, Y.; Moran, L.; Du, L.; Mousa, A.; De Silva, K.; Enticott, J.; Teede, H.
2023My Baby's Movements: An assessment of the effectiveness of the My Baby's Movements phone program in reducing late-gestation stillbirth ratesSkalecki, S.; Lawford, H.; Gardener, G.; Coory, M.; Bradford, B.; Warrilow, K.; Wojcieszek, A.M.; Newth, T.; Weller, M.; Said, J.M.; Boyle, F.M.; East, C.; Gordon, A.; Middleton, P.; Ellwood, D.; Flenady, V.
2023Phenotypic consequences of a nanophthalmos-associated TMEM98 variant in human and mouseHassall, M.M.; Javadiyan, S.; Klebe, S.; Awadalla, M.S.; Sharma, S.; Qassim, A.; White, M.; Thomas, P.Q.; Craig, J.E.; Siggs, O.M.
2023Understanding the pathways between prenatal and postnatal factors and overweight outcomes in early childhood: a pooled analysis of seven cohortsZheng, M.; Hesketh, K.D.; Vuillermin, P.; Dodd, J.; Wen, L.M.; Baur, L.A.; Taylor, R.; Byrne, R.; Mihrshahi, S.; Burgner, D.; Tang, M.L.K.; Campbell, K.J.
2023Cardiovascular risk management following gestational diabetes and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: a narrative reviewMarschner, S.; Pant, A.; Henry, A.; Maple-Brown, L.J.; Moran, L.; Cheung, N.W.; Chow, C.K.; Zaman, S.
2023The tools used to assess psychological symptoms in women and their partners after termination of pregnancy for fetal anomaly: A scoping reviewSlade, L.; Obst, K.; Deussen, A.; Dodd, J.
2023Can Dietary Patterns Impact Fertility Outcomes? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.Winter, H.G.; Rolnik, D.L.; Mol, B.W.J.; Torkel, S.; Alesi, S.; Mousa, A.; Habibi, N.; Silva, T.R.; Oi Cheung, T.; Thien Tay, C.; Quinteros, A.; Grieger, J.A.; Moran, L.J.
2023Assessing patterns of change in lifestyle behaviours by parity: a longitudinal cohort studyMakama, M.; Earnest, A.; Lim, S.; Skouteris, H.; Hill, B.; Teede, H.; Boyle, J.A.; Brown, W.J.; Hodge, A.M.; Moran, L.J.
2023A phase 1/2, open-label, parallel group study to evaluate the safety and pharmacokinetics of DARE-HRT1 (80 μg estradiol/4 mg progesterone and 160 μg estradiol/8 mg progesterone intravaginal rings) over 12 weeks in healthy postmenopausal womenThurman, A.; Hull, M.L.; Stuckey, B.; Hatheway, J.; Zack, N.; Mauck, C.; Friend, D.
2023Comparison of effect of CTG+STan with CTG alone on emergency Cesarean section rate: STan Australian Randomized controlled Trial (START)Kuah, S.; Simpson, B.; Salter, A.; Matthews, G.; Louise, J.; Bednarz, J.; Chandraharan, E.; Symonds, I.; McPhee, A.; Mol, B.W.; Turnbull, D.; Wilkinson, C.
2023The social predictors of paternal antenatal mental health and their associations with maternal mental health in the Queensland Family Cohort prospective studyDixson, B.J.W.; Borg, D.; Rae, K.M.; Whittingha, K.; Gannon, B.; McPhail, S.M.; Carter, H.E.; Moritz, K.M.; Boyd, R.N.; Bora, S.; Kumar, S.; Frater, J.; Schweitzer, D.; Miller, P.; Mehter, D.; Clifton, V.L.
2023Shear wave velocity measurement of the placenta is not limited by placental locationEdwards, C.; Cavanagh, E.; Kumar, S.; Clifton, V.L.; Borg, D.J.; Priddle, J.; Wille, M.L.; Drovandi, C.; Fontanarosa, D.
2023Treatment of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Diagnosed Early in PregnancySimmons, D.; Immanuel, J.; Hague, W.M.; Teede, H.; Nolan, C.J.; Peek, M.J.; Flack, J.R.; McLean, M.; Wong, V.; Hibbert, E.; Kautzky-Willer, A.; Harreiter, J.; Backman, H.; Gianatti, E.; Sweeting, A.; Mohan, V.; Enticott, J.; Cheung, N.W.; TOBOGM Research Group,
2023Understanding the WHEN, WHAT, and WHY of Neonatal Transfusion MedicinePatel, R.M.; Keir, A.
2023Effects of an antenatal dietary intervention in women with obesity or overweight on child outcomes at 8–10 years of age: LIMIT randomised trial follow-upDodd, J.M.; Deussen, A.R.; Peña, A.S.; Mitchell, M.; Louise, J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3323