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2023Offspring physiology following the use of IVM, IVF and ICSI: a systematic review and meta-analysis of animal studiesBeilby, K.H.; Kneebone, E.; Roseboom, T.J.; van Marrewijk, I.M.; Thompson, J.G.; Norman, R.J.; Robker, R.L.; Mol, B.W.J.; Wang, R.
2023The social predictors of paternal antenatal mental health and their associations with maternal mental health in the Queensland Family Cohort prospective studyDixson, B.J.W.; Borg, D.; Rae, K.M.; Whittingha, K.; Gannon, B.; McPhail, S.M.; Carter, H.E.; Moritz, K.M.; Boyd, R.N.; Bora, S.; Kumar, S.; Frater, J.; Schweitzer, D.; Miller, P.; Mehter, D.; Clifton, V.L.
2022My Baby's Movements: a stepped-wedge cluster-randomised controlled trial of a fetal movement awareness intervention to reduce stillbirthsFlenady, V.; Gardener, G.; Ellwood, D.; Coory, M.; Weller, M.; Warrilow, K.A.; Middleton, P.F.; Wojcieszek, A.M.; Groom, K.M.; Boyle, F.M.; East, C.; Lawford, H.L.S.; Callander, E.; Said, J.M.; Walker, S.P.; Mahomed, K.; Andrews, C.; Gordon, A.; Norman, J.E.; Crowther, C.
2022Impact of uterine malformations on pregnancy and neonatal outcomes of IVF/ICSI-frozen embryo transferQiu, J.; Du, T.; Chen, C.; Lyu, Q.; Mol, B.W.; Zhao, M.; Kuang, Y.
2022Aspirin for the prevention of pre-eclampsia in women with pre-existing diabetes: Systematic reviewZen, M.; Haider, R.; Simmons, D.; Peek, M.; Nolan, C.J.; Padmanabhan, S.; Jesudason, S.; Alahakoon, T.I.; Cheung, N.W.; Lee, V.W.
2022Neonatal death is a major concern for Indigenous women with asthma during pregnancy and could be prevented with better models of careClifton, V.L.; Das, J.; Flenady, V.; Rae, K.
2022A decline in planned, but not spontaneous, preterm birth rates in a large Australian tertiary maternity centre during COVID-19 mitigation measuresGallo, L.A.; Gallo, T.F.; Borg, D.J.; Moritz, K.M.; Clifton, V.L.; Kumar, S.
2022Antenatal magnesium sulphate for preventing cerebral palsy: An economic evaluation of the impact of a quality improvement programKeir, A.; Rumbold, A.; Shepherd, E.; Mcintyre, S.; Groves, C.; Cavallaro, A.; Crowther, C.; Callander, E.
2022Together Alone: Going Online during COVID-19 Is Changing Scientific ConferencesBray, H.J.; Stone, J.; Litchfield, L.; Britt, K.L.; Hopper, J.L.; Ingman, W.V.
2022The challenges with managing polycystic ovary syndrome: A qualitative study of women's and clinicians' experiencesCopp, T.; Muscat, D.M.; Hersch, J.; McCaffery, K.J.; Doust, J.; Dokras, A.; Mol, B.W.; Jansen, J.
2022Comment on Abdel Wahab, et al.: A randomized controlled trial of two-doses of vaginal progesterone 400 vs. 200 mg for prevention of preterm labor in twin gestationsMol, B.W.
2022EBNEO commentary: foetal surgery for severe left diaphragmatic herniaGodden, B.; Keir, A.
2022Maternal and infant morbidity following administration of repeat dexamethasone or betamethasone prior to preterm birth: A secondary analysis of the ASTEROID TrialHofer, O.J.; Harding, J.E.; Tran, T.; Crowther, C.A.
2022Population-wide contribution of medically assisted reproductive technologies to overall births in Australia: temporal trends and parental characteristicsChoi, S.K.Y.; Venetis, C.; Ledger, W.; Havard, A.; Harris, K.; Norman, R.J.; Jorm, L.R.; Chambers, G.M.
2022High-intensity training elicits greater improvements in cardio-metabolic and reproductive outcomes than moderate-intensity training in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a randomized clinical trialPatten, R.K.; McIlvenna, L.C.; Levinger, I.; Garnham, A.P.; Shorakae, S.; Parker, A.G.; McAinch, A.J.; Rodgers, R.J.; Hiam, D.; Moreno-Asso, A.; Stepto, N.K.
2022Maternal and paternal sugar consumption interact to modify offspring life history and physiologyCamilleri, T.L.; Piper, M.D.W.; Robker, R.L.; Dowling, D.K.
2022Role of placental, fetal and cardiovascular markers in predicting adverse outcomes in women with suspected or confirmed pre-eclampsiaReddy, M.; Palmer, K.; Rolnik, D.L.; Wallace, E.M.; Mol, B.W.; Da Silva Costa, F.
2022Response to Letter to the Editor 'Adverse perinatal outcomes in the Australian Indigenous population, the role of asthma'Clifton, V.L.; Das, J.; Flenady, V.; Rae, K.
2022Evaluation of marketing authorization and clinical implementation of ulipristal acetate for uterine fibroids.Middelkoop, M.-A.; de Lange, M.E.; Clark, T.J.; Mol, B.W.J.; Bet, P.M.; Huirne, J.A.F.; Hehenkamp, W.J.K.
2022Circular RNAs in Pregnancy and the PlacentaArthurs, A.L.; Jankovic-Karasoulos, T.; Smith, M.D.; Roberts, C.T.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3275