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2004The use of OP-1 in femoral impaction grafting in a sheep modelMc Gee, M.; Findlay, D.; Howie, D.; Carbone, A.; Ward, P.; Stamenkov, R.; Page, T.; Bruce, W.; Wildenauer, C.; Toth, C.
2013Stem micromotion after femoral impaction grafting using irradiated allograft bone: a time zero in vitro studyCosti, J.; Edmonds-Wilson, R.; Howie, D.; Stamenkov, R.; Field, J.; Stanley, R.; Hearn, T.; Callary, S.; Mc Gee, M.
2014Intermetatarsal coalition: a delayed complication of hallux valgus surgeryRussell, N.; Stavrou, P.; Dracopoulos, G.
1998Sleep apnoea related hypoxia is associated with cognitive disturbances in patients with tetraplegiaSajkov, D.; Marshall, R.; Walker, P.; Mykytyn, I.; McEvoy, R.; Wale, J.; Flavell, H.; Thornton, A.; Antic, R.
2010Innervation of anulus tears: An experimental animal studyFagan, A.; Sarvestani, G.; Moore, R.; Fraser, R.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Blumbergs, P.
1996Results of interfascicular nerve grafting for radial nerve lesionsNunley, J.; Saies, A.; Sandow, M.; Urbaniek, J.
1998Proximal scaphoid costo-osteochondral replacement arthroplastySandow, M.
1998Natural history of anterior knee pain: a 14- to 20- year follow-up of nonoperative managementNimon, G.; Murray, D.; Sandow, M.; Goodfellow, J.
1998Suprascapular nerve rotator cuff compression syndrome in volleyball playersSandow, M.; Ilic, J.
2005A comparison of pain, strength, range of motion, and functional outcomes after hemiarthroplasty and total shoulder arthroplasty in patients with osteoarthritis of the shoulderBryant, D.; Litchfield, R.; Sandow, M.; Gartsman, G.; Guyatt, G.; Kirkley, A.