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2012Loss to follow-up after arthroplasty: a new use for registry dataRowden, N.; Harrison, J.; Graves, S.; Miller, L.; De Steiger, R.; Davidson, D.
2014Comparative effectiveness of ceramic-on-ceramic implants in stemmed hip replacement: A multinational study of six national and regional registriesSedrakyan, A.; Graves, S.; Bordini, B.; Pons, M.; Havelin, L.; Mehle, S.; Paxton, E.; Barber, T.; Cafri, G.
2014Association between index-to-ring finger length ratio and risk of severe knee and hip osteoarthritis requiring total joint replacementHussain, S.; Wang, Y.; Muller, D.; Wluka, A.; Giles, G.; Manning, J.; Graves, S.; Cicuttini, F.
2004Effect of total hip arthroplasty on recreational and sporting activityChatterji, U.; Ashworth, M.; Lewis, P.; Dobson, P.
2002Total disc replacement arthroplasty using the AcroFlex lumbar disc: a non-human primate modelCunningham, B. W.; Lowery, G. L.; Serhan, H. A.; Dmitriev, A. E.; Orbegoso, C. M.; McAfee, P. C.; Fraser, Robert D.; Ross, R. E.; Kulkarni, S. S.
2000A technique for distal tibial bone graft for arthrodesis of the foot and ankleBrown, C. H.
1998Charcot Restraint Orthotic WalkerMehta, Janak A.; Brown, C.; Sargeant, N.
1996Reoperations on the spine - outcome studiesFraser, Robert D.
1996How to fuse the lumbar spineFraser, Robert D.
1997Human arthroplasty derived macrophages differentiate into osteoclastic bone resorbing cellsSabokbar, Afsaneh; Fujikawa, Yosuke; Neale, Susan D.; Murray, David W.; Athansou, Nicholas A.