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2019Objectively measured 24-hour activity profiles before and after total hip arthroplastyThewlis, D.; Bahl, J.; Fraysse, F.; Curness, K.; Arnold, J.; Taylor, M.; Callary, S.; Solomon, L.
2017Obstacles to reduction in infantile developmental dysplasia of the hipStuder, K.; Williams, N.; Studer, P.; Baker, M.; Glynn, A.; Foster, B.; Cundy, P.
2000Occult hypoxia after femoral neck fracture and elective hip surgeryClayer, M.; Bruckner, J.
2013Olecranon extrabursal endoscopic bursectomyTu, C.; McGuire, D.; Morse, L.; Bain, G.
1999Open and arthroscopic techniques for the treatment of traumatic anterior shoulder instability in Australian Rules football playersRoberts, S.; Taylor, D.; Brown, J.; Hayes, M.; Saies, A.
1997Operative fluoroscopy in hand and upper limb surgeryBain, G.; Hunt, J.; Mehta, J.
2012Operative management of common forefoot deformities: a representative survey of Australian orthopaedic surgeonsIselin, L.; Munt, J.; Symeonidis, P.; Klammer, G.; Chehade, M.; Stavrou, P.
1996The origin and fate of herniated lumbar invertebral disc tissueMoore, R.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Fraser, R.; Osti, O.; Schembri, M.
2014Osteoblast-chondrocyte interactions in osteoarthritisFindlay, D.; Atkins, G.
2010Osteoclastic metabolism of 25(OH)-vitamin D-3: A potential mechanism for optimization of bone resorptionKogawa, M.; Findlay, D.; Anderson, P.; Ormsby, R.; Vincent, C.; Morris, H.; Atkins, G.
2001The osteoclastogenic molecules RANKL and RANK are associated with periprosthetic osteolysisHaynes, D.; Crotti, T.; Potter, A.; Loric, M.; Atkins, G.; Howie, D.; Findlay, D.
2012Osteocyte regulation of bone mineral: a little give and takeAtkins, G.; Findlay, D.
2002Osteolysis in bone loss pathologies is associated with similar factors that control osteoclast formation. Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association.Atkins, G.; Crotti, T.; Loric, M.; Findlay, D.; Smith, M.; Haynes, D.
2005Osteoprotegerin (OPG) is localized to the Weibel-Palade bodies of human vascular endothelial cells and is physically associated with von Willebrand factorZannettino, A.; Holding, C.; Diamond, P.; Atkins, G.; Kostakis, P.; Farrugia, A.; Gamble, J.; To, L.; Findlay, D.; Haynes, D.
2001Osteoprotegerin and receptor activator of nuclear factor kappaB ligand (RANKL) regulate osteoclast formation by cells in the human rheumatoid arthritic jointHaynes, D.; Crotti, T.; Loric, M.; Bain, G.; Atkins, G.; Findlay, D.
1997The outcome of Austin-Moore hemiarthroplasty for fracture of the femoral neckClayer, M.; Bruckner, J.
2010Outcomes of operatively treated acute knee dislocationsEranki, V.; Begg, C.; Wallace, B.
2004Outcomes of workers' compensation claimants with low back pain undergoing intradiscal electrothermal therapy - Point of viewFraser, Robert D.
1999An overview of radial fracturesMehta, J.; Bain, G.
2013The paired-box homeodomain transcription factor Pax6 binds to the upstream region of the TRAP gene promoter and suppresses receptor activator of NF-kB ligand (RANKL)-induced Osteoclast differentiationKogawa, M.; Hisatake, K.; Atkins, G.; Findlay, D.; Enoki, Y.; Sato, T.; Gray, P.; Kanesaki-Yatsuka, Y.; Anderson, P.; Wada, S.; Kato, N.; Fukuda, A.; Katayama, S.; Tsujimoto, M.; Yoda, T.; Suda, T.; Okazaki, Y.; Matsumoto, M.