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1995Use of internal fixation instrumentation. Introduction: 1995 Focus Issue Meeting on FusionGarfin, Steven R.; Spratt, Kevin F.; Andersson, Gunnar B. J.; Boden, Scott D.; Fraser, Robert D.; Goel, Vijay K.; Hanley, Edward N.; Katz, Jeffrey N.; Pope, Malcolm H.; Sonntag, Volker K. H.; Sumner, Dale R.; Zdeblick, Thomas A.
1995The use of regional anaesthesia in foot and ankle surgeryBrown, C. H.
2009Using Computed Tomography to Assist With Diagnosis of Avascular Necrosis Complicating Chronic Scaphoid NonunionSmith, M.; Bain, G.; Chabrel, N.; Turner, P.; Carter, C.; Field, J.
2015Using medications for prediction of revision after total joint arthroplastyInacio, M.; Pratt, N.; Roughead, E.; Graves, S.
2003Validity of the patient-focused wrist outcome instrument: do impairments represent functional ability?Bialocerkowski, A.; Grimmer, K.; Bain, G.
1998Variation in cytokines induced by particles from different prosthetic materialsHaynes, D.; Boyle, S.; Rogers, S.; Howie, D.; Vernon-Roberts, B.
2007Vascular pathology and osteoarthritisFindlay, D.
2010Vertebral hemangioma: An important differential in the evaluation of locally aggressive spinal lesionsAlexander, J.; Meir, A.; Vrodos, N.; Yau, Y.
2004Vitamin D metabolism in human osteoblastsAtkins, G.; Anderson, P.; Welldon, K.; Zannettino, A.; Morris, H.; Findlay, D.; Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (26th : 2004 : Seattle, Washington)
2011Vitamin D metabolism within bone cells: Effects on bone structure and strengthAnderson, P.; Atkins, G.; Turner, A.; Kogawa, M.; Findlay, D.; Morris, H.
2021Vitamin D receptor expression in mature osteoclasts reduces bone loss due to low dietary calcium intake in male miceStarczak, Y.; Reinke, D.C.; Barratt, K.R.; Russell, P.K.; Clarke, M.V.; Davey, R.A.; Atkins, G.J.; Anderson, P.H.
2006Vitamin K analogues promote the differentiation of human osteoblasts.Welldon, K.; Atkins, G.; Vincent, C.; Findlay, D.; Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (28th : 2006: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
2009Vitamin K promotes mineralization, osteoblast-to-osteocyte transition, and an anticatabolic phenotype by y-carboxylation-dependent and -independent mechanismsAtkins, G.; Welldon, K.; Wijenayaka, A.; Bonewald, L.; Findlay, D.
2009Volume-based morphometry of brain MR images in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and healthy control subjectsShi, L.; Wang, D.; Chu, W.; Burwell, R.; Freeman, B.; Heng, P.; Cheng, J.
2000Walking index for spinal cord injury (WISCI): an international multicenter validity and reliability studyDitunno Jr, J.; Ditunno, P.; Graziani, V.; Scivoletto, G.; Bernardi, M.; Castellano, V.; Marchetti, M.; Barbeau, H.; Frankel, H.; D'Andrea Greve, J.; Ko, H.; Marshall, R.; Nance, P.
2013Waterproof cast liners in paediatric forearm fractures: a randomized trialStevenson, A.W.; Gahukamble, A.D.; Antoniou, G.; Pool, B.; Sutherland, L.M.; Cundy, P.
1996Wear and Osteolysis in relation to Prostheses Design and MaterialsHowie, D.; McGee, M.
2013Wear of a 5 megarad cross-linked polyethylene liner: a 6-year RSA studyCallary, S.; Campbell, D.; Mercer, G.; Nilsson, K.; Field, J.
2009Wear of a highly cross-linked polyethylene liner: a preliminary RSA studyCampbell, D.; Mercer, G.; Nilsson, G.; Wells, V.; Field, J.; Callary, S.
2015Wear of highly crosslinked polyethylene acetabular components: a review of RSA studiesCallary, S.; Solomon, L.; Holubowycz, O.; Campbell, D.; Munn, Z.; Howie, D.