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2003Trapezial arthroplasty with silicone rubber implantation for advanced osteoarthritis of the trapeziometacarpal joint of the thumbMacDermid, J.; Roth, J.; Rampersaud, Y.; Bain, G.
2018Traumatic subaxial cervical facet subluxation and dislocation: epidemiology, radiographic analyses, and risk factors for spinal cord injuryQuarrington, R.; Jones, C.; Tcherveniakov, P.; Clark, J.; Sandler, S.; Lee, Y.; Torabiardakani, S.; Costi, J.; Freeman, B.
1996Treatment of humeral shaft fractures with the seidel intramedullary nailBain, G.; Sandow, M.; Howie, D.
2008Treatment of partial distal biceps tendon tearsBain, G.; Johnson, L.; Turner, P.
2013Treatment options for central retinal artery occlusionCugati, S.; Varma, D.; Chen, C.; Lee, A.
2011TWEAK and TNF regulation of sclerostin: a novel pathway for the regulation of bone remodellingFindlay, D.; Atkins, G.; Wallach, D.; Kovalenko, A.; Feldmann, M.
2006TWEAK is a novel arthritogenic mediatorPerper, S.; Browning, B.; Burkly, L.; Weng, S.; Gao, C.; Giza, K.; Su, L.; Tarilonte, L.; Crowell, T.; Rajman, L.; Runkel, L.; Scott, M.; Atkins, G.; Findlay, D.; Zheng, T.; Hess, H.
2008Twenty-year survival of a cementless revision hip arthroplasty using a press-fit bulk acetabular allograft for pelvic discontinuity: a case reportGul, R.; Jeer, P.; Oakeshott, R.
1998Type 1 collagen influence on gene expression in UMR106-06 osteoblast-like cells is inhibited by genisteinCelic, S.; Katayama, Y.; Chilco, P.; Martin, T.; Findlay, D.
2003Ultimate tensile strength of a Leeds-Keio/autograft ACL reconstruction utilizing PLLA tibial staple fixationField, J.; Hearn, T.; Costi, J.; Mc Gee, M.; Costi, K.; Adachi, N.; Ochi, M.
1995Ultrasonic signs of pelvic osteomyelitis in childrenMah, E.; LeQuesne, G.; Gent, R.; Paterson, D.
2008Ultrasound femoral anteversion (FAV) and tibial torsion (TT) after school screening for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS)Burwell, R.; Aujla, R.; Kirby, A.; Moulton, A.; Dangerfield, P.; Freeman, B.; Cole, A.; Polak, F.; Pratt, R.; Webb, J.; Dangerfield, P.
2008Ultrasound femoral anteversion (FAV) relative to tibial torsion (TT) is abnormal after screening for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS): evaluation by two methodsBurwell, R.; Aujla, R.; Kirby, A.; Moulton, A.; Dangerfield, P.; Freeman, B.; Cole, A.; Polak, F.; Pratt, R.; Webb, J.; Dangerfield, P.
2011Unusual appearances following intracapsular neck of femur fracturesSolomon, L.; Hussenbocus, S.; Hoffmann, J.; Howie, D.; Ruhli, F.
2000Unusual complications of shoulder arthroscopyMohammed, K.; Hayes, M.; Saies, A.
2005The use of computer-assisted surgical navigation to prevent malalignment in unicompartmental knee arthroplastyCossey, Andrew; Spriggins, Anthony John
1995Use of internal fixation instrumentation. Introduction: 1995 Focus Issue Meeting on FusionGarfin, Steven R.; Spratt, Kevin F.; Andersson, Gunnar B. J.; Boden, Scott D.; Fraser, Robert D.; Goel, Vijay K.; Hanley, Edward N.; Katz, Jeffrey N.; Pope, Malcolm H.; Sonntag, Volker K. H.; Sumner, Dale R.; Zdeblick, Thomas A.
1995The use of regional anaesthesia in foot and ankle surgeryBrown, C. H.
2009Using Computed Tomography to Assist With Diagnosis of Avascular Necrosis Complicating Chronic Scaphoid NonunionSmith, M.; Bain, G.; Chabrel, N.; Turner, P.; Carter, C.; Field, J.
2015Using medications for prediction of revision after total joint arthroplastyInacio, M.; Pratt, N.; Roughead, E.; Graves, S.