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1997Spinal degeneration: Pathogenesis and medical managementFraser, Robert D.; Bleasel, J. F.; Moskowitz, R. W.
1995Spinal degeneration: Pathogenesis in medical managementFraser, Robert D.; Moskowitz, R. W.
1996Spinal fusion in Duchenne's muscular dystrophyBrook, P.; Kennedy, J.; Stern, L.; Sutherland, A.; Foster, B.
2007Spinal Instrumentation: Cervico-Thoracic JunctionFreeman, B.; Kandziora, F.; Aebi, M.; Arlet, V.; Webb, J.
1996Spine Update ChemonucleolysisNordby, E. J.; Fraser, Robert D.; Javid, M. J.
1999Spinous process osteotomies to facilitate lumbar decompressive surgeryWeiner, Bradley K.; Fraser, Robert D.; Peterson, M.
2010Sports-related injuries of the biceps and tricepsBain, G.; Durrant, A.
2005Stability of RNA isolated from human trabecular bone at post-mortem and surgeryKuliwaba, J.; Fazzalari, N.; Findlay, D.
2006Stained slides vs noninvasive imaging: strange bedfellows in bone research?Findlay, David Malcolm; Skinner, Robert A.; Suva, Larry
2013Stem micromotion after femoral impaction grafting using irradiated allograft bone: a time zero in vitro studyCosti, J.; Edmonds-Wilson, R.; Howie, D.; Stamenkov, R.; Field, J.; Stanley, R.; Hearn, T.; Callary, S.; Mc Gee, M.
2009Strontium ranelate treatment of human primary osteoblasts promotes an osteocyte-like phenotype while eliciting an osteoprotegerin responseAtkins, G.; Welldon, K.; Halbout, P.; Findlay, D.
2011Structural and molecular analyses of bone bridge formation within the growth plate injury site and cartilage degeneration at the adjacent uninjured areaPyragius, C.; Hopwood, B.; Chung, R.; Foster, B.; Xian, C.
2007Structural and remodeling indices in the cancellous bone of the proximal femur across adulthoodTsangari, H.; Findlay, D.; Fazzalari, N.
2012Subchondral bone in osteoarthritisFindlay, D.; Rothschild, B.
2006Successful early mobilization of major cuff repair using a suture postAtkinson, R.; Comley, A.; van Essen, J.; Hallam, P.; Ashwood, N.; Fogg, Q.
2006Supplementary stabilization with anterior lumbar intervertebral fusion - A radiologic reviewAnjarwalla, N.; Morcom, R.; Fraser, R.
1998Suprascapular nerve rotator cuff compression syndrome in volleyball playersSandow, M.; Ilic, J.
2006Surgery for disc prolapse, spinal stenosis and back painFreeman, B.; Adams, M.
2001Surgical anatomy of the sural and superficial fibular nerves with an emphasis on the approach to the lateral malleolusSolomon, L.; Ferris, L.; Tedman, R.; Henneberg, M.
2007Surgical approaches to the distal radioulnar jointBain, G.; Pourgiezis, N.; Roth, J.