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2014Serum titanium, niobium and aluminium levels two years following instrumented spinal fusion in children: does implant surface area predict serum metal ion levels?Cundy, T.; Cundy, W.; Antoniou, G.; Sutherland, L.; Freeman, B.; Cundy, P.
2013Serum titanium, niobium, and aluminum levels after instrumented spinal arthrodesis in childrenCundy, T.; Antoniou, G.; Sutherland, L.; Freeman, B.; Cundy, P.
1999Short segment fixation of thoracolumbar burst fractures without fusionSanderson, P.; Fraser, R.; Hall, D.; Cain, C.; Osti, O.; Potter, G.
2000Shoulder pathology associated with symptomatic acromioclavicular joint degenerationBrown, J.; Roberts, S.; Hayes, M.; Saies, A.
2007Sigmoid notch osseous reconstructionTham, S.; Bain, G.
2006Single photon emission computed tomography in planning unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. A prospective study examining the association between scan findings and intraoperative assessment of osteoarthritisJeer, P.; Mahr, C.; Keene, G.; Oakeshott, R.
2017Six-week transition to minimalist shoes improves running economy and time-trial performanceFuller, J.; Thewlis, D.; Tsiros, M.; Brown, N.; Buckley, J.
2016Skeletal characterization of an osteoblast-specific vitamin D receptor transgenic (ObVDR-B6) mouse modelTriliana, R.; Lam, N.; Sawyer, R.; Atkins, G.; Morris, H.; Anderson, P.
1998Sleep apnoea related hypoxia is associated with cognitive disturbances in patients with tetraplegiaSajkov, D.; Marshall, R.; Walker, P.; Mykytyn, I.; McEvoy, R.; Wale, J.; Flavell, H.; Thornton, A.; Antic, R.
1995Slipped capital femoral epiphysis: Incidence and clinical assessment of physeal instabilityKallio, P.; Mah, E.; Foster, B.; LeQuesne, G.; Paterson, D.
2011Slipped capital femoral epiphysis: rising rates with obesity and Aboriginality in South AustraliaNguyen, A.; Ling, J.; Gomes, B.; Antoniou, G.; Sutherland, L.; Cundy, P.
1997Spinal degeneration: Pathogenesis and medical managementFraser, Robert D.; Bleasel, J. F.; Moskowitz, R. W.
1995Spinal degeneration: Pathogenesis in medical managementFraser, Robert D.; Moskowitz, R. W.
1996Spinal fusion in Duchenne's muscular dystrophyBrook, P.; Kennedy, J.; Stern, L.; Sutherland, A.; Foster, B.
2007Spinal Instrumentation: Cervico-Thoracic JunctionFreeman, B.; Kandziora, F.; Aebi, M.; Arlet, V.; Webb, J.
1996Spine Update ChemonucleolysisNordby, E. J.; Fraser, Robert D.; Javid, M. J.
1999Spinous process osteotomies to facilitate lumbar decompressive surgeryWeiner, Bradley K.; Fraser, Robert D.; Peterson, M.
2010Sports-related injuries of the biceps and tricepsBain, G.; Durrant, A.
2005Stability of RNA isolated from human trabecular bone at post-mortem and surgeryKuliwaba, J.; Fazzalari, N.; Findlay, D.
2006Stained slides vs noninvasive imaging: strange bedfellows in bone research?Findlay, David Malcolm; Skinner, Robert A.; Suva, Larry