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2002Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 for Treatment of Open Tibial FracturesCsimma, C.; Genant, H.; Valentin-Opran, A.; Amit, Y.; Arbel, R.; Aro, H.; Atar, D.; Bishay, M.; Borner, M.; Chiron, P.; Choong, P.; Cinats, J.; Courtenay, B.; Feibel, R.; Geulette, B.; Gravel, C.; Haas, N.; Raschke, M.; Hammacher, E.; van der Velde, D.; et al.
1995Reconstruction of the lateral ligaments of the ankle using a semitendinosis graftCohen, D.; Taylor, David E.; Bourne, A.; Paterson, R.
2010Reduced femoral component subsidence with improved impaction grafting at revision hip arthroplastyHowie, D.; Callary, S.; Mc Gee, M.; Russell, N.; Solomon, L.; Closed Meeting of the International Hip Society (2009 : Minneapolis, MN, USA)
1997Regulation by calcitonin and glucocorticoids of calcitonin receptor gene expression in mouse osteoclastsWada, S.; Udagawa, N.; Akatsu, T.; Nagata, N.; Martin, T.; Findlay, D.
1997Regulation of bone cells by particle-activated mononuclear phagocytesHaynes, D.; Hay, S.; Rogers, S.; Ohta, S.; Howie, D.; Graves, S.
2005Regulation of bone mass by mechanical loading: Microarchitecture and geneticsSuva, L.; Gaddy, D.; Perrien, D.; Thomas, R.; Findlay, D.
2001Regulation of calcitonin receptor by glucocorticoid in human osteoclast-like cells prepared in vitro using receptor activator of nuclear factor-kB ligand and macrophage colony-stimulating factorWada, S.; Yasuda, S.; Nagai, T.; Maeda, T.; Kitahama, S.; Suda, S.; Findlay, D.; Iitaka, M.; Katayama, S.
2006Regulation of cell growth mediated by the calcitonin receptorFindlay, D.
1996Regulation of osteopontin expression by type 1 collagen in preosteoblastic UMR201 cellsTraianedes, K.; Martin, T.; Findlay, D.
2010Reintervention after Mobile-bearing Oxford Unicompartmental Knee ArthroplastyClark, M.; Campbell, D.; Kiss, G.; Dobson, P.; Lewis, P.
2016Relationship between circulating sex steroid hormone concentrations and incidence of total knee and hip arthroplasty due to osteoarthritis in menHussain, S.; Cicuttini, F.; Giles, G.; Graves, S.; Wang, Y.
2011Relationship between serum RANKL and RANKL in boneFindlay, D.; Atkins, G.
2007Relative contributions of infraspinatus and deltoid during external rotation in healthy shouldersBitter, N.; Clisby, E.; Jones, M.; Magarey, M.; Jaberzadeh, S.; Sandow, M.
2008Relative contributions of the infraspinatus and deltoid during external rotation in patients with symptomatic subacromial impingementClisby, E.; Bitter, N.; Sandow, M.; Jones, M.; Magarey, M.; Jaberzadeh, S.
1996Remodeling of vertebral bone after outer anular injury in sheepMoore, R.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Osti, O.; Fraser, R.
1996Reoperations on the spine - outcome studiesFraser, Robert D.
2000Repair of distal biceps tendon rupture: A new technique using the EndobuttonBain, G.; Prem, H.; Heptinstall, R.; Verhellen, R.; Paix, D.
2012Repair of the acutely unstable elbow: use of tensionable anchorsLee, Y.; Eng, K.; Keogh, A.; McLean, J.; Bain, G.
2003Results of arthroscopic debridement for isolated scaphotrapeziotrapezoid arthritisAshwood, N.; Bain, G.; Fogg, Q.
1996Results of interfascicular nerve grafting for radial nerve lesionsNunley, J.; Saies, A.; Sandow, M.; Urbaniek, J.