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1995Post-operative alignment in total knee replacement: A radiographic and clinical assessmentHillier, K.; Allen, B.; Graves, S.; Stevenson, T.
2008Posterior longitudinal split osteotomy for femoral component extraction in revision total hip arthroplastyBauze, A.; Charity, J.; Tsiridis, E.; Timperley, A.; Gie, G.
2008The posterior skeletal thorax: rib-vertebral angle and axial vertebral rotation asymmetries in adolescent idiopathic scoliosisBurwell, R.; Aujla, R.; Freeman, B.; Dangerfield, P.; Cole, A.; Kirby, A.; Polak, F.; Pratt, R.; Moulton, A.
2013Posterolateral and anterolateral approaches to unicondylar posterolateral tibial plateau fractures: a comparative studySolomon, L.; Stevenson, A.; Lee, Y.; Baird, R.; Howie, D.
2010Posterolateral transfibular approach to tibial plateau fractures: Technique, results, and rationaleSolomon, L.; Stevenson, A.; Baird, R.; Pohl, A.
2017Postoperative weight bearing and patient reported outcomes at one year following tibial plateau fracturesThewlis, D.; Fraysse, F.; Callary, S.; Verghese, V.; Jones, C.; Findlay, D.; Atkins, G.; Rickman, M.; Solomon, L.
2005Pre-formed articulating knee spacer in two-stage revision for the infected total knee arthroplastyPitto, Rocco P.; Castelli, C. C.; Ferrari, R.; Munro, Jacob Terrill
2010Pre-operative assessment in distal radius fracturesBain, G.
2008Pre-surgical radiologic identification of peri-prosthetic osteolytic lesions around TKRs: a pre-clinical investigation of diagnostic accuracyKurmis, T.; Kurmis, A.; Campbell, D.; Slavotinek, J.
2013A preamble to Charles Robert Darwin: his connection with South AustraliaWiebkin, O.
2004Precise localisation of osteoblastoma with SPET/CTBirchall, J.; Blackband, K.; Freeman, B.; Ganatra, R.; O'Leary, M.; Perkins, A.
2006Precision Injection Techniques for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Spinal DisordersFreeman, B.
2011A preclinical study of stem subsidence and graft incorporation after femoral impaction grafting using porous hydroxyapatite as a bone graft extenderHowie, D.; Mc Gee, M.; Callary, S.; Carbone, A.; Stamenkov, R.; Bruce, W.; Findlay, D.
2014Preclinical trial of a novel surface architecture for improved primary fixation of cementless orthopaedic implantsHarrison, N.; Field, J.; Quondamatteo, F.; Curtin, W.; McHugh, P.; McDonnell, P.
2017Predicting critical power in elite cyclists: questioning validity of the 3-min All-out testBartram, J.; Thewlis, D.; Martin, D.; Norton, K.
2008Preimplantation genetic diagnosis for BRCA1 exon 13 duplication mutation using linked polymorphic markers resulting in a live birthJasper, M.; Liebelt, J.; Hussey, N.
1999Prenatal Ultrasound Diagnosis of ClubfootBurgan, H.; Furness, M.; Foster, B.
2014Preoperative asymmetry in load distribution during quite stance persist following total knee arthroplastyThewlis, D.; Hillier, S.; Hobbs, S.; Richards, J.
2004Presidential Address: The formation of ISSLS and its impact on lumbar spine researchFraser, Robert D.
2011The prevalence of cognitive dysfunction after conventional and computer-assisted total knee replacementDeo, H.; West, G.; Butcher, C.; Lewis, P.