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2016Fixation methods for acute injuries of the ankle syndesmosis: a systematic review protocolGieroba, T.; Munn, Z.; Cundy, P.; Eardley-Harris, N.
2007Fixed lumbar apical vertebral rotation predicts spinal decompensation in lenke type 3c adolescent idiopathic scoliosis after selective posterior thoracic correction and fusionBehensky, H.; Cole, A.; Freeman, B.; Grevitt, M.; Mehdian, H.; Webb, J.
2009Flexor tenorrhaphy tensile strength: Reduction by cyclic loadingGibbons, C.; Thompson, D.; Sandow, M.
1997Foraminal injection for lateral lumbar disc herniationWeiner, Bradley K.; Fraser, Robert D.
2008Fractures of modern high nitrogen stainless steel cemented stemsYates, P.; Quaraishi, N.; Kop, A.; Howie, D.; Marx, C.; Swarts, E.
2000Free fat interpositional graft in acute physeal injuries: The anticipatory langenskiold procedureFoster, B.; John, B.; Hasler, C.
2005Fulcrum assisted soft stabilization system - A new concept in the surgical treatment of degenerative low back pain - Point of viewFraser, Robert D.
1997Ganglion of the acromioclavicular jointSegmuller, H. E.; Saies, A. D.; Hayes, Michael G.
2009Gene expression profile of the bone microenvironment in human fragility fracture boneHopwood, B.; Tsykin, A.; Findlay, D.; Fazzalari, N.
2004Genetically modified animal models as tools for studying bone and mineral metabolismDavey, R.; MacLean, H.; McManus, J.; Findlay, D.; Zajac, J.
1997Giant cells in pigmented villo nodular synovitits express an osteoclast phenotypeNeale, Susan D.; Kristelly, R.; Gundle, R.; Quinn, Julian M. W.; Athanasou, Nicholas A.
1998The Graf ligamentoplasty procedure. Comparison with posterolateral fusion in the management of low back pain.Hadlow, S. V.; Fagan, Andrew Brian; Hillier, T. M.; Fraser, Robert D.
2010Granuloma debridement and the use of an injectable calcium phosphate bone cement in the treatment of osteolysis in an uncemented total knee replacementAtkinson, H.; Ranawat, V.; Oakeshott, R.
1997Growth disturbances associated with untreated benign bone cystsClayer, M.; Boatright, C.; Conrad, E.
2004Guidelines for the management of postmenopausal osteoporosis for GPsO'Neill, S.; MacLennan, A.; Diamond, T.; Ebeling, P.; Findlay, D.; Flicker, L.; Markwell, A.; Nowson, C.; Pocock, N.; Sambrook, P.; Fiatarone-Singh, M.
2002Guidelines for the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis for general practitionersO'Neill, S.; Sambrook, P.; Diamond, T.; Ebeling, P.; Ferris, L.; Flicker, L.; Findlay, D.; Fiatarone-Singh, M.; Lord, S.; MacLennan, A.; Markwell, A.; Nowson, C.; Pocock, N.; Williamson, M.
2002Haemopoietic cells influence stromal cell gene expression during human osteoclast developmentAtkins, G.; Haynes, D.; Zannettino, A.; Capone, M.; Crotti, T.; Findlay, D.
2015Head-neck taper corrosion in hip arthroplastyHussenbocus, S.; Kosuge, D.; Solomon, L.; Howie, D.; Oskouei, R.
2013Hemiarthroplasty vs total shoulder replacement for rotator cuff intact osteoarthritis: how do they fare after a decade?Sandow, M.; David, H.; Bentall, S.
2007Hemiresection of the distal ulna by means of pronator quadratus interposition and volar stabilizationBain, G.; Heptinstall, R.; Webb, J.; Madsen, P.