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2000Development of small diameter intramedullary nails made from ISO 5832-9 stainless steelIngman, A.
2008Development of the Australian Core Competencies in Musculoskeletal Basic and Clinical Science Project - phase 1Chehade, M.; Bachorski, A.
1997Developmental dysplasia of the hip in South Australia in 1991: Prevalence and risk factors.Yiv, B.; Saidin, R.; Cundy, P.; Tgetgel, J.; Aguilar, J.; McCaul, K.; Keane, R.; Chan, A.; Scott, H.
2010Differences in hip morphology between the sexes in patients undergoing hip resurfacingAtkinson, H.; Karanjeev, S.; Willis-Owen, C.; Zadow, S.; Oakeshott, R.
1999Differential cell surface expression of the STRO-1 and alkaline phosphatase antigens on discrete developmental stages in primary cultures of human bone cellsGronthos, S.; Zannettino, A.; Graves, S.; Ohta, S.; Hay, S.; Simmons, P.
2001Differential Gene Expression in the Human Bone Microenvironment of the Hip; Comparison Between Control and Osteoarthritis.Atkins, G.; Kuliwaba, J.; Findlay, D.; Forwood, M.; Fazzalari, N.; Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association. Conference (2001 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2021Differential iron requirements for osteoblast and adipocyte differentiationEdwards, D.F.; Miller, C.J.; Quintana‚ÄźMartinez, A.; Wright, C.S.; Prideaux, M.; Atkins, G.J.; Thompson, W.R.; Clinkenbeard, E.L.
2011Differentially loaded radiostereometric analysis (DLRSA) in torsion adds essential information in diaphyseal bone healing: the example of a tibial osteotomyChehade, M.; Vakaci, I.; Callary, S.; Findlay, D.; Solomon, L.
2009Differentially loaded radiostereometric analysis to monitor fracture stiffness: a feasibility studyChehade, M.; Solomon, L.; Callary, S.; Benveniste, S.; Pohl, A.; Howie, D.
2014Digital imaging is not superior to film-screen imaging for the detection of periprosthetic osteolysis around total knee arthroplastiesZotti, M.; Campbell, D.; Woodman, R.
2007Distal biceps tendon anatomy: A cadaveric studyEames, M.; Bain, G.; Fogg, Q.; van Riet, R.
2011Distal biceps tendon partial tear presenting as a pseudotumorBradshaw, A.; Sandow, M.; Clayer, M.
2010Distribution of periacetabular osteolytic lesions varies according to component designStamenkov, R.; Howie, D.; Neale, S.; Mc Gee, M.; Taylor, D.; Findlay, D.
2006Do anterior interbody cages have a potential value in comparison to autogenous rib graft in the surgical management of Scheuermann's kyphosis?Arun, R.; Mehdian, S.; Freeman, B.; Sithole, J.; Divjina, S.
2008Does Apo2LTRAIL play any physiologic role in osteoclastogenesis?Labrinidis, A.; Liapis, V.; Thai, L.; Atkins, G.; Vincent, C.; Hay, S.; Sims, N.; Zannettino, A.; Findlay, D.; Evdokiou, A.
2012Does bone wax induce a chronic inflammatory articular reaction?Solomon, L.; Guevara, C.; Buchler, L.; Howie, D.; Byard, R.; Beck, M.
2003Does intradiscal electrothermal therapy denervate and repair experimentally induced posterolateral annular tears in an animal model?Freeman, B.; Walters, R.; Moore, R.; Fraser, R.
2013Does the method of component fixation influence clinical outcomes after total knee replacement? A systematic literature reviewArnold, J.; Walters, J.; Solomon, L.; Thewlis, D.
1996Drug inhibition of the macrophage response to metal wear particles in vitroHaynes, D.; Rogers, S.; Howie, D.; Pearcy, M.; Vernon-Roberts, B.
1998Dynamic external fixation for injuries of the proximal interphalangeal jointBain, G.; Mehta, J.; Heptinstall, R.; Bria, M.