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2000Determination of the effect of social environment on reproductive maturation of male hopping mice (Notomys alexis)Harvey, Alex Lee; Breed, William Godfrey
2011Mild exercise early in life produces changes in bone size and strength but not density in proximal phalangeal, third metacarpal and third carpal bones of foalsFirth, Elwyn C.; Rogers, Christopher W.; van Weeren, P. Rene; Barneveld, Albert; McIlwraith, C.Wayne; Kawcak, Christopher E.; Goodship, Allen Edward; Smith, Roger K. W.
2008Changing patterns in women seeking terminations of pregnancy: a trend analysis of data from one service provider 1996-2006Abigail, W.; Power, C.; Belan, I.
2008Super-resolution via iterative phase retrieval for blurred and saturated biological imagesGur, E.; Sarafis, V.; Falat, I.; Vacha, F.; Vacha, M.; Zalevsky, Z.
2005Osteoarchaeological evidence for leprosy from Western Central AsiaBlau, Soren; Yagodin, Vadim
2005An unusual aperture in a child's calvaria from Western Central Asia: Differential diagnosesBlau, Soren
2010Is it or isn't it? A reexamination of the anterior orbital glands of the fat-tailed dunnart Sminthopsis crassicaudata (Dasyuridae: Marsupiala) and a reevaluation of fefinitions for the Harderian glandRehorek, S.; Hillenius, W.; Leigh, C.; Firth, B.
2000Comments on T. Harvey Johnston's observations of pinniped reproductive anatomyTedman, Raymond Alan
2002Does the pineal gland have a role in the psychological mechanisms involved in the progression of cancer?Callaghan, Brian Desmond
1999Is the type of nutrients as important as total daily amount consumed in controlling crypt cell proliferation in the rat?Callaghan, Brian Desmond