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2007Coherent super-resolution microscopy via laterally structured illuminationLittleton, B.; Lai, K.; Longstaff, D.; Sarafis, V.; Munroe, P.; Heckenberg, N.; Rubinsztein-Dunlop, H.
2010Biodiversity of the waterwaysDaniels, Christopher Brian; Johnston, Gregory Ronald; Gray, C.
2008Interseasonal variation in the circadian rhythms of locomotor activity and temperature selection in sleepy lizards, Tiliqua rugosaEllis, D.; Firth, B.; Belan, I.
2013Identification and functional characterization of a novel monotreme-specific antibacterial protein expressed during lactationBisana, S.; Kumar, S.; Rismiller, P.; Nicol, S.; Lefevre, C.; Nicholas, K.; Sharp, J.
2006Facial soft tissue thicknesses in Australian adult cadaversDomaracki, M.; Stephan, C.
2008Trypan blue as a fluorochrome for confocal laser scanning microscopy of arbuscular mycorrhizae in three mangrovesKumar, T.; Majumdar, A.; Das, P.; Sarafis, V.; Ghose, M.
2006Plasma steroids and steroid-binding capacity in male semelparous dasyurid marsupials (Phascogale tapoatafa) that survive beyond the breeding season in captivitySchmidt, A.; Taggart, D.; Holz, P.; Temple-Smith, P.; Bradley, A.
2006The effects of heat on the testes of mammalsSetchell, B.
1999Intestinal macromaolecule absorption in the fetal pig after infusion of colostrum in uteroSangild, Per T.; Trahair, J. F.; Loftager, M. K.; Fowden, Abigail L.
2000Determination of the effect of social environment on reproductive maturation of male hopping mice (Notomys alexis)Harvey, Alex Lee; Breed, William Godfrey