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2007Application of a research skills framework for learning and teaching in Human BiologyPeirce, E.; Ricci, M.; Conference of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (Adelaide, S. Aust.) (08 Jul 2007 : Adelaide, S. Aust.)
2007Temperature and humidity in egg incubation mounds of Varanus rosenbergiRismiller, P.; McKelvey, M.; Steinlechner, S.
1995The long-term effect of pinealectomy on the crypts of the rat gastrointestinal tractCallaghan, Brian Desmond
1995Prolonged effect of hippocampal lesions on rat gastrointestinal crypt cell kineticsCallaghan, Brian Desmond
2001Changes in pineal sympathetic innervation are not significant in the hyperproliferative effects of pinealectomy on the intestinal cryptsCallaghan, Brian Desmond
2007Coherent super-resolution microscopy via laterally structured illuminationLittleton, B.; Lai, K.; Longstaff, D.; Sarafis, V.; Munroe, P.; Heckenberg, N.; Rubinsztein-Dunlop, H.
2010Biodiversity of the waterwaysDaniels, Christopher Brian; Johnston, Gregory Ronald; Gray, C.
2008Interseasonal variation in the circadian rhythms of locomotor activity and temperature selection in sleepy lizards, Tiliqua rugosaEllis, D.; Firth, B.; Belan, I.
2013Identification and functional characterization of a novel monotreme-specific antibacterial protein expressed during lactationBisana, S.; Kumar, S.; Rismiller, P.; Nicol, S.; Lefevre, C.; Nicholas, K.; Sharp, J.
2006Facial soft tissue thicknesses in Australian adult cadaversDomaracki, M.; Stephan, C.