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2015Ultrasound simulators as aids to learning anatomyMassey-Westrop, N.; Parange, N.; Johnson, I.; Australian and New Zealand Association of Clinical Anatomists (ANZACA) 11th Annual meeting (03 Dec 2014 - 05 Dec 2014 : Queenstown, New Zealand)
2005A strong neuroprotective effect of the autonomous Cterminal peptide of IGF-1 Ec (MGF) in brain ischemiaDluzniewska, J.; Sarnowska, A.; Beresewicz, M.; Johnson, I.; Srai, S.; Goldspink, G.; Gorecki, D.; Zablocka, B.
2004Different levels of neuroprotection by two insulin-like growth factor-I splice variantsAperghis, M.; Johnson, I.; Cannon, J.; Yang, S.; Goldspink, G.
2003Age, diet and injury affect the survival of facial motoneuronsAperghis, M.; Johnson, I.; Patel, N.; Khadir, A.; Cannon, J.; Goldspink, G.
2012Colorectal and uterine movement and tension of the inferior hypogastric plexus in cadaversJohnson, I.
2013Target-dependence of sensory neurons: An ultrastructural comparison of axotomised dorsal root ganglion neurons with allowed or denied reinnervation of peripheral targetsJohnson, I.; Sears, T.
2004Anatomy of the pelvic plexus and innervation of the prostate glandAli, M.; Johnson, I.; Hobson, J.; Mohammadi, B.; Khan, F.
2006Use of the Insulin-like-Growth Factor I Isoform MGF for the treatment of neurological disordersJohnson, I.; Goldspink, G.
2009Chiropractic care amongst people with multiple sclerosis: A survey of MS therapy centres in the UKCarson, E.; Swait, G.; Johnson, I.; Cunliffe, C.
2007Iliacus stretching for symptomatic relief of femoral mononeuropathyJohnson, I.