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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Soluble amyloid beta levels are elevated in the white matter of Alzheimer's patients, independent of cortical plaque severityCollins-Praino, L.; Francis, Y.; Griffith, E.; Wiegman, A.; Urbach, J.; Lawton, A.; Honig, L.; Cortes, E.; Vonsattel, J.; Canoll, P.; Goldman, J.; Brickman, A.
2013Tremorolytic effects of safinamide in animal models of drug-induced parkinsonian tremorPodurgiel, S.; Collins-Praino, L.; Yohn, S.; Randall, P.; Roach, A.; Lobianco, C.; Salamone, J.
2012Extracellular GABA in globus pallidus increases during the induction of oral tremor by haloperidol but not by muscarinic receptor stimulationCollins-Praino, L.; Podurgiel, S.; Kovner, R.; Randall, P.; Salamone, J.
2010Role of dopamine-adenosine interactions in the brain circuitry regulating effort-related decision making: insights into pathological aspects of motivationSalamone, J.; Correa, M.; Farrar, A.; Nunes, E.; Collins-Praino, L.
2010Interactions between adenosine and dopamine receptor antagonists with different selectivity profiles: effects on locomotor activityCollins-Praino, L.; Galtieri, D.; Collins, P.; Jones, S.; Port, R.; Paul, N.; Hockemeyer, J.; Muller, C.; Salamone, J.
2009The adenosine A2A antagonist MSX-3 reverses the effects of the dopamine antagonist haloperidol on effort-related decision making in a T-maze cost/benefit procedureMott, A.; Nunes, E.; Collins-Praino, L.; Port, R.; Sink, K.; Hockemeyer, J.; Muller, C.; Salamone, J.
2012The novel adenosine A₂A antagonist Lu AA47070 reverses the motor and motivational effects produced by dopamine D2 receptor blockadeCollins-Praino, L.; Sager, T.; Sams, A.; Pennarola, A.; Port, R.; Shahriari, M.; Salamone, J.