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2000The effect of induced cryptorchidism on the testes and stored sperm in an Australian rodent, the hopping mouse (Notomys alexis)Breed, W.; Setchell, B.; Society for the Study of Fertility, British Andrology Society, British Fertility Society Joint Summer Meeting (01 Jul 2000 : Edinburgh, Scotland)
2000Glycoprotein maturation of the brushtail possum sperm plasma membrane during epididymal transitMcLean, R.; Breed, W.; Thirty-first Annual Conference of the Australian Society for Reproductive Biology - FSA/ASRB 2000 (26 Apr 2000 : Canberra, Australia)
2000Testis size and sperm numbers in the adult hopping mouse, Notomys alexis - an updatePeirce, E.; Breed, W.; Australian Mammal Society Inc. 2000 Conference (12 Apr 2000 : Alice Springs, Australia)
2000Do females determine the breeding system in Spinifex Hopping Mice Notomys alexis?Taylor, T.; Breed, W.; Australian Mammal Society 2000 Conference (12 Apr 2000 : Alice Springs)
2000Isolation and partial characterisation of the outer dense fibres and fibrous sheath from the sperm tail of a marsupialRicci, M.; Breed, W.
2000Taxonomic implications of variation in sperm head morphology of the Australian Delicate Mouse, Pseudomys delicatulusBreed, W.
2005Evolution of the spermatozoon in muroid rodentsBreed, W.
2005Comparative study of sperm chromatin condensation in the excurrent ducts of the laboratory mouse Mus musculus and spinifex hopping mouse Notomys alexisBauer, M.; Leigh, C.; Peirce, E.; Breed, W.
2004Relative importance of gulf and shelf waters for spawning and recruitment of Australian anchovy, Engraulis australias, in South AustraliaDimmlich, W.; Breed, W.; Geddes, M.; Ward, T.
2006Variation of sperm head shape and tail length in a species of Australian hydromyine rodent: the spinifex hopping mouse, Notomys alexisBauer, M.; Breed, W.