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2003The Harderian gland of two species of snakes: Pseudonaja textilis (Elapidae) and Thamnophis sirtalis (Colubridae)Rehorek, S.; Halpern, M.; Firth, B.; Hutchinson, M.
2008Marsupial uncoupling protein 1 sheds light on the evolution of mammalian nonshivering thermogenesisJastroch, M.; Withers, K.; Taudien, S.; Frappell, P.; Helwig, M.; Fromme, T.; Hirschberg, V.; Heldmaier, G.; McAllan, B.; Firth, B.; Burmester, T.; Platzer, M.; Klingenspor, M.
2009Thermocyclic and photocyclic entrainment of circadian locomotor activity rhythms in sleepy lizards, tiliqua rugosaEllis, D.; Firth, B.; Belan, I.
2009Testing the orbital lubrication hypothesis: the Harderian glands in burrowing skinks (Reptilia: Squamata)Rehorek, S.; Hutchinson, M.; Firth, B.
2008Interseasonal variation in the circadian rhythms of locomotor activity and temperature selection in sleepy lizards, Tiliqua rugosaEllis, D.; Firth, B.; Belan, I.
1998Daily and Seasonal Rhythms in Selected Body Temperatures in the Australian Lizard Tiliqua rugosa (Scincidae): Field and Laboratory ObservationsFirth, B.; Belan, I.
2010Melatonin rhythms in the Australian freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus johnstoni): a reptile lacking a pineal complex?Firth, B.; Christian, K.; Belan, I.; Kennaway, D.
2010Is it or isn't it? A reexamination of the anterior orbital glands of the fat-tailed dunnart Sminthopsis crassicaudata (Dasyuridae: Marsupiala) and a reevaluation of fefinitions for the Harderian glandRehorek, S.; Hillenius, W.; Leigh, C.; Firth, B.
2006Persistence of a plasma melatonin rhythm in constant darkness and its inhibition by constant light in the sleepy lizard, Tiliqua rugosaFirth, B.; Belan, I.; Kennaway, D.
2006The Harderian gland of two species of skink (Tiliqua rugosa and Hemiergis decresiensis): a discussion of the significance of lymphatic tissue in the squamate Harderian glandRehorek, S.; Baker, J.; Hutchinson, M.; Firth, B.