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2004The spermatozoon of Eurasian murine rodents: Its morphological diversity and evolutionBreed, W.
2006Spermatogenesis and sperm morphology of European beaver castor fiberBierla, J.; Gizejewski, Z.; Breed, W.; Euro-American Beaver Congress (11 Sep 2006 : Freising, Germany)
2001Composition and developmental expression of proteins constituting the sperm head cytoskeleton of the plains rat.Idriss, D.; Breed, W.; Oko, R.; VIIth International Congress of Andrology (15 Jun 2001 : Montreal, Canada)
2000Taxonomic implications of variation in sperm head morphology of the Australian Delicate Mouse, Pseudomys delicatulusBreed, W.
1998Extratesticular sperm maturation in the brush-tail possum, Trichosurus vulpeculaCooper, N.; Holland, M.; Breed, W.
2006Anatomy, Vasculature, and Innervation of the male reproductive tractSetchell, B.; Breed, W.
2001How does sperm meet egg in mammals? An electron microscopist's view of how new life beginsBreed, W.; WG Breed (17 Jan 2001 : Khon Kaen, Thailand)
2000Structure of the zona pellucida of a model marsupial, the Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula: Family, Phalangeridae).Chapman, J.; Wiebkin, O.; Breed, W.; Society for the Study of Fertility, British Andrology Society, British Fertility Society Joint Summer Meeting (01 Jul 2000 : Edinburgh, Scotland)
2000Glycoprotein maturation of the brushtail possum sperm plasma membrane during epididymal transitMcLean, R.; Breed, W.; Thirty-first Annual Conference of the Australian Society for Reproductive Biology - FSA/ASRB 2000 (26 Apr 2000 : Canberra, Australia)
2000Changes in glycoprotein composition of the plasma membrane of brushtail possum spermatozoa, during epidydmal migrationIsaacs, N.; Breed, W.; FSA/ASRB 2000 - Thirty-first Annual Conference of the Australian Society for Reproductive Biology (26 Apr 2000 : Canberra, Australia)