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Type: Recorded work
Title: Cleanness (Audio Recording: Reader)
Author: Burton, T.
Publisher: The Chaucer Studio
Publisher Place: Adelaide, SA, Australia ; Provo, Utah, USA
Issue Date: 2003
Performer: Burton, Thomas Lingen
Abstract: Perhaps not as well known as such works as Pearl and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by the same poet (sometimes called the Pearl-poet or the Gawain-poet after these principal works), Cleanness ventures into the world of the Bible with narrations by various Old Testament prophets as well as further narrations from characters in the New Testament, male and female. Directed by Michael Calabrese, who has taught this work to many of his medieval literature students for some time now. Recorded in Kalamazoo at two Congresses on Medieval Studies and at one New Chaucer Society Congress in Glasgow.
Description: Readers: Bob Hanning (First Narrator), James Gorman, Nicole Rice, Tom Burton (Second Narrator), Michael Calabrese, Vance Smith, Jean Jost, Mary Hamel (Third Narrator), Paul Thomas, Pete Wetherbee (Fourth Narrator), Scott Kleinman, Regula Meyer Evitt. Tom Burton recorded at the 38th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University. CD no. : ICMS004
RMID: 0020086075
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