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Type: Report
Title: Adelaide in-depth accident study 1975-1979. Part 1: An overview
Author: McLean, Jack
Robinson, G. K.
Publisher: Road Accident Research Unit
Issue Date: 1979
ISBN: 0908204000
Organisation: Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR)
Statement of
A.J. McLean, G.K. Robinson
Abstract: This report is a general introduction to, and review of, an in-depth study of road accidents to which an ambulance was called in the metropolitan area of Adelaide, South Australia. A representative 8% sample, comprising 304 accidents, was investigated in the 12-month period commencing March 23rd 1976. The general aims of this study are presented followed by a detailed description of the sampling procedure which was adopted. The method of operation is then described, and the types of accidents investigated are presented in form of the general characteristics of the accidents and of the drivers, riders, and pedestrians, together with a review of the consequences of these accidents. The major conclusions drawn from the results of the study are described briefly, including the ways in which factors such as alcohol and inexperience affect the safety of road users, the role played by vehicle factors and aspects of the road and traffic environment in accident causation, the main causes of injury to each class of roaduser and the value of helmets and seatbelts. The companion reports on specific aspects of the accidents investigated are listed in the final section.
Keywords: Accident; on the spot accident investigation; Adelaide; South Australia; sampling; data acquisition; drunkenness; speed; skill (road user); pedestrian; motorcyclist
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