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Type: Report
Title: Adelaide in-depth accident study 1975-1979. Part 3: Pedal cycle accidents.
Author: McLean, Jack
Brewer, N. D.
Sandow, B. L.
Publisher: Road Accident Research Unit
Issue Date: 1979
Organisation: Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR)
Statement of
A.J. McLean, N.D. Brewer, B.L. Sandow
Abstract: This report contains descriptions of the causes and consequences of the pedal cycle accidents contained in a representative sample of road traffic accidents to which an ambulance was called in metropolitan Adelaide. Reviews of the relevant characteristics of the cyclists and drivers, the vehicles, and the road and traffic environment are also included. One-third of these 22 accidents involved a child cyclist who was riding carelessly on a residential street. The other two-thirds mostly involved adult cyclists on arterial roads, and were a consequence of errors made equally by the cyclists and the drivers. Alcohol intoxication was not a significant factor in any of these accidents. Almost all of the cyclists were injured, and their injuries were often very severe. The front of the striking car caused two-thirds of the severe injuries. A number of possible countermeasures and topics worthy of further investigation are listed at the end of the report.
Keywords: Accident; bicycle; cause; sample (stat); emergency vehicle; severity (accid,injury); cyclist; driver; vehicle; child; residential area; error; adult; Adelaide; South Australia
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