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Type: Report
Title: Adelaide in-depth accident study 1975-1979. Part 5: Commercial vehicle accidents
Author: McLean, Jack
Aust, H. S.
Sandow, B. L.
Publisher: Road Accident Research Unit
Issue Date: 1979
ISBN: 0908204027
Organisation: Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR)
Statement of
A.J. Mclean, H.S. Aust, B.L. Sandow
Abstract: This report deals with accidents involving trucks, vans, buses and multi-purpose vehicles, not all of which were being used as commercial vehicles. There were relatively few single vehicle accidents, apart from those involving pedestrians, and the reluctance of semitrailer drivers to brake hard at s~gnalisedin tersections and insecure loads of some heavy vehicles distinguished these accidents from those involving only passenger cars. All but one of the drivers of these commercial vehicles were males, most of whom were aged between 20 and 50 years. None of these drivers were affected by alcohol intoxication to a significant degree, nor was fatigue a factor in any of these accidents. Although none of the commercial vehicle occupants was severely injured, the provision and use of seat belts may have avoided many of the injuries which did occur. Some multi-purpose passenger vehicles are deficient, when compared to passenger cars, in terms of protecting their occupants from injury in a crash.
Keywords: Accident; lorry; bus; delivery vehicle; trailer; safety belt; passenger; pedestrian; junction; traffic signal; driver; sample (stat); braking; Adelaide; South Australia
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