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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Impact of climate change on disadvantaged groups: Issues and interventionsSevoyan, A.; Hugo, G.; Feist, H.; Tan, G.; McDougall, K.; Tan, Y.; Spoehr, J.
2009Climate Change and Migration in the Asia-Pacific RegionHugo, G.; Bardsley, D.; Tan, Y.; Sharma, V.; Williams, M.; Bedford, R.; Asian Development Bank, Manila
2005Development, land-use change and rural resettlement capacity: a case study of the Three Gorges Project, ChinaTan, Y.; Bryan, B.; Hugo, G.
2016Exploring the relationship between social inequality and environmentally-induced migration: evidence from urban household surveys in Shanghai and Nanjing of ChinaTan, Y.; Liu, X.; Hugo, G.
2011Preparing for resettlement associated with climate changeSherbinin, A.; Castro, M.; Gemenne, F.; Cernea, M.; Adamo, S.; Fearnside, P.; Krieger, G.; Oliver-Smith, A.; Scudder, T.; Singer, B.; Pankhurst, A.; Tan, Y.; Wannier, G.; Boncour, P.; Hugo, G.; Ehrhart, C.; Shi, G.; Pandey, B.
2015Exploring relationship between social inequality and adaptations to climate change: evidence from urban household surveys in the Yangtze River delta, ChinaTan, Y.; Liu, X.; Hugo, G.
2005Rural women, displacement and the Three Gorges ProjectTan, Y.; Hugo, G.; Potter, L.
2011Demographic impacts of the Three Gorges DamTan, Y.; Hugo, G.
2007An overview of resettlement in the Three Gorges projectTan, Y.; Hugo, G.; International Metropolis Conference (12th : 2007 : Melbourne, Australia)
2013Mobility and desertification: new evidence from rural household survey in the Minqin Oasis, northwest ChinaTan, Y.; Hugo, G.; Global Change and Resilience Conference (3rd : 2013 : Brno, Czech Republic)