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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Distributed process modeling for regional assessment of coastal vulnerability to sea-level riseBryan, B.; Harvey, N.; Belperio, A.; Bourman, R.
2002Foraminiferal biofacies eco-succession and Holocene sealevels, Port Pirie, South AustraliaCann, J.; Harvey, N.; Barnett, E.; Belperio, A.; Bourman, R.
2002Geologic, isostatic and anthropogenic signals affecting sea level records at tide gauge sites in southern AustraliaHarvey, N.; Belperio, A.; Bourman, R.; Mitchell, W.
2000Rapid coastal geomorphic change in the River Murray Estuary of AustraliaBourman, R.; Murray-Wallace, C.; Belperio, A.; Harvey, N.
2010Catchments and waterwaysBourman, R.; Harvey, N.; Bryars, S.
2001Late Quaternary sea-levels, climate change, and South Australian coastal geologyHarvey, N.; Belperio, A.; Bourman, R.
2004Heavy metal pollution and coastal environmental change in South Australia: evidence from carbonate sediments in the lower CoorongGrattan, J.; Gilbertson, D.; Harvey, N.; Bourman, R.; Gell, P.
2002New evidence contributing to the debate on the Holocene high sea level stand in north east Queensland, AustraliaHarvey, N.; Belperio, A.; Bourman, R.; James, K.; Brunskill, G.; Geography - A Spatial Odyssey Conference (2001 : Dunedin, N.Z.)
2002Geography and environmental studies in Australia: Symbiosis for survival in the 21st century?Harvey, N.; Forster, C.; Bourman, R.
2006Evolution of the Younghusband Peninsula, South Australia: new evidence from the northern tipHarvey, N.; Bourman, R.; James, K.