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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Yi hanzi wei chufadian tan jiao xifang xuesheng hanyude shexiang (Some ideas on teaching Chinese characters to English speakers)Hsu, Chia-cheng; Chinese Pedagogy International Conference (2001 : Hubei, China)
1998Yolngu Dance, Arnhem LandMagowan, Fiona Caroline
2011'You learn about feminists but they're all like years old': Young women's views of feminism and women's historyBulbeck, M.
2009Young Australians' political engagements: rich, famous and humanitarian?Bulbeck, M.; Australian Sociological Association. Conference (2009 : Canberra, Australia)
2019Young driver crashes with cyclists: identifying training opportunitiesHaworth, N.; Legge, M.; Twisk, D.; Bonham, J.; O Hare, T.; Johnson, M.
2000Young feminist voices on the future of feminismBulbeck, M.; Oakley, S.; Pudsey, J.; Henderson, J.; King, D.; Boyd, R.; TASA Conference (2000 : Adelaide, Australia)
2014Young people transitioning from out-of-home care and access to higher education: a critical review of the literatureMendes, P.; Michell, D.; Wilson, J.
2006Young people's attitudes to gender issues: Asian perspectivesBulbeck, M.; Demos, V.; Texler Segal, M.
2004Young people's narratives of the future: 1970 and 2000-2 comparedBulbeck, M.
2018Young people, the internet, and emerging pathways into criminality: a study of Australian adolescentsBrewer, R.; Cale, J.; Goldsmith, A.; Holt, T.
2006'Your harbour...your dreams': The impact on housing, work and community through the urban regeneration of the Port Adelaide waterfront redevelopmentOakley, S.; Andrew Beer; Australasian Housing Researchers Conference (2006 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2010'Your Rights at Work' campaign: Australia's 'most sophisticated political campaign'Muir, K.
2005Youth Homelessness: Urban and RuralBeer, A.
2005Youthful aspirations meet unbending cultures? How young Australians plan to organise their jobs, care and houseworkPocock, Barbara A.
1997Yuyande Bianhua: Jinbu haishi Tuihua? (Language Change: Progress or Decay?Hsu, Chia-cheng
2001Zen to Sono Ansatsu-sha-tachiVictoria, B. A.
2003Zen war storiesVictoria, B. A.
2011Zhang Taiyan and the Asiatic Humanitarian Brotherhood, 1907Cai, Yuan
1995Zhengce gaige dui Zhongguo nongye he maoyi de yingxiangFindlay, C.; Watson, A.; Martin, W.
1995Zhongguo guoyouqiye: Yizhong zhuo you chengziao de hetong zhedu (China's state enterprise system: A significant example of the contract system)O'Leary, Gregory Dominic