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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Quantifying service accessibility/transport disadvantage for older people in non-metropolitan South AustraliaLange, J.; Norman, P.
2008Quantifying Transnationalism: Asian Migration to AustraliaHugo, G.; Stojanov, R.; Novosak, J.
2001Quantitative and qualitative assessment of the accuracy of neurointerpolated annual mean precipitation and temperature surfaces for ChinaBryan, Brett Anthony; Adams, Jonathan Miles
2003Quantitative and visual assessments of climate change impacts on South Australian wheat productionLuo, Q.; Williams, M.; Bellotti, W.; Bryan, B.
2000Quaternary Australia: Extremes in the Last Glacial-Interglacial CycleWilliams, M.; Veevers, J.
2001Quaternary climatic changes in Australia and their environmental effectsWilliams, M.
1997Quaternary EnvironmentsWilliams, Martin Anthony J.; Dunkerley, D. L.; De Deckker, P.; Kershaw, A. Peter; Stokes, T. J.
1995Quaternary geology and prehistoric environments in the Son and Belan Valleys, north-central IndiaWilliams, Martin Anthony J.; Clarke, M. F.
1997Quaternary Palynological Records from Perched Lake Sediments, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia: Rainforest, Forest History and Climatic ControlLongmore, M. E.
2004Rabbit-proof fence, relational ecologies and the commodification of indigenous experiencePotter, E.; Schaffer, K.
2004Radio broadcasting for health: a decision maker's guideSkuse, A.J.; Butler, N.; Power, F.; Woods, N.; UK Department for International Development (DFID)
2017Radio drama, gender discourse and vernacularization in AfghanistanSkuse, A.J.
2011Radio sound and social realism: In the terrain of drama for development productionSkuse, A.
2002Radio, politics and trust in AfghanistanSkuse, A.
2005Rage, reason and the honourable cause: a reply to CowlishawSutton, P.
2000Rapid coastal geomorphic change in the River Murray Estuary of AustraliaBourman, R.; Murray-Wallace, C.; Belperio, A.; Harvey, N.
2006Rates and impacts of global sea-level changeHarvey, N.; Glazer, M.
2020(Re)building home and community within and through the social housing sector: lessons from a South Australian approachTually, S.; Skinner, W.; Faulkner, D.; Goodwin-Smith, I.
2004Re-embodiment and rehabilitationChiveralls, Keri Roslyn
2005Re-enchanting terrorism: Jihadists as "liminal beings"Saniotis, A.