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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Observing Australia as "Member of an Alien and Conquered Race": Nineteenth Century Indian Travellers' AccountsAllen, M.; Sarwal RSarwal, A.
2003Occupational health and safety in New Zealand: Contemporary social researchBridge, Kennedy J.
2021Ocean resource use: building the coastal blue economyBax, N.; Novaglio, C.; Maxwell, K.H.; Meyers, K.; McCann, J.; Jennings, S.; Frusher, S.; Fulton, E.A.; Nursey-Bray, M.; Fischer, M.; Anderson, K.; Layton, C.; Emad, G.R.; Alexander, K.A.; Rousseau, Y.; Lunn, Z.; Carter, C.G.
2021“Of course we care!“: a qualitative exploration of Australian livestock producers’ understandings of farm animal welfare issuesBuddle, E.A.; Bray, H.J.; Ankeny, R.A.
2013Of house and home: Reflections on knowing and writing for a 'Southern' postgraduate pedagogyCadman, K.; Thesen, L.
1997Offices and services: Women's pursuit of sexual equality within the Society of Friends, 1873-1907Holton, S.; Allen, M.
2000The Olympics at the millennium: power, politics, and the gamesSchaffer, K.
2001The Olympics at the millennium; power, politics and the gamesPalmer, Catherine
2012On 'the ultimate patronage machine': Photography & substantial relations in rural South-western UgandaVokes, R.; Vokes, Richard
2009On a journey from housing to health: Conceptual developments and challengesBaker, E.; Regional Studies Association Winter Conference (2009 : London, UK)
2008On ancestral self-fashioning: photography in the time of AIDSVokes, R.
2000On concepts and practice of compiling Chinese language textbooks for students learning Chinese outside ChinaHsu, Chia-cheng; Conference on chinese linguistics and chinese teaching in the world (6th : 2000 : Taipei, Taiwan)
2004On the importance, specific characteristics and tactics for teaching Chinese characters to beginners outside of ChinaHsu, C.; Yin, J.; Yuan, Y.; Wu, Y.; Chinese Language Pedagogy International Conference 2004 (4th : 2003 : Kunming, China)
2000On the question of combination of teaching language and culture in elementary language classroomHsu, Chia-cheng
2002On the translatability of placenames in the Wik region, Cape York PeninsulaSutton, P.
2002On weapons decisions: How Australia chooses to arm itself (1963-96)Bruni, J.
2006One hand clapping [a short story]McLoughlin, Pauline Joy
2008Only "Victim" Workers Need Unions: Perceptions of Trade Unions amongst young AustraliansBulbeck, M.
2004Only a Casual...How Casual Work affects Employees Households and Communities in AustraliaPocock, Barbara Ann; Prosser, Rosslyn Winifred; Bridge, Kennedy J.
2015Ontogeny of the spheno-occipital synchondrosis in a modern Queensland, Australian population using computed tomographyLottering, N.; Macgregor, D.; Alston, C.; Gregory, L.